Ignorant Catholics (this is not mean)


Do Catholics who are ignorant of the Doctrines of the Church bother you more than protestants with the same issue?


Not necessarily. Depends on what they do with their “ignorance”.


Yes. I’ve always said it would be easier for me to marry someone who’s non-catholic but okay with my beliefs than to marry another catholic… predominantly because of the frustration i have towards those who are Catholic INO, CE Catholics, and buffet line catholics.


YES. Ignorant Catholics harm the Church so much. They do not educate their children and grandchildren correctly, and they pass on bad information when asked questions by others. Since most people who hate the Church hate it not for what it teaches, but for what THEY THINK it teaches, ignorant Catholics truly have the ability to be very destructive.

Also, there are so many ways to get good information… Catholic Answers, recommended to me by an amateur apologist at my parish, is one good one, and free. The Catechism is very inexpensive, and can be even cheaper if you buy it used. I find very little excuse for people not to know at least the basics of their faith well. I got terrible catechesis too. I sought out better information. I learned, because I wanted to get it right when teaching my kids.

It’s Jesus Christ beckoning you to Heaven! It’s worth finding out the truth about it!


I don’t know that i’d say they 'bug me" more, but they DEFFINATELY can casue more harm, exactly as duskyjewel says. More people hate Catholocism for a bad expereince they had with a particular Catholic than for what the Church actually teaches.

I do have to say though, that i really cringe internally when a catholic says somethign blatently wrong, where the same statement by some one else would only kick my “ah, but you see, that isn’t what the Church actually teaches…” reaction into high gear.


Not really, because I was once one myself. Most of the time it’s due to poor catechesis. What bothers me is the lack of Church leadership addressing the problem, but I think that is getting better. And without guidance, most people don’t really where to start to educate themselves–it can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, there often isn’t much motivation from the pulpit for people to really get interested in getting educated.

But I am very hopeful that things are going to turn around. There are wonderful resources these days, like CAF, Catholic apologists and scholars who know how to present the Faith to people without going over their heads, such as Mother Angelica, Father Corapi, Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, Father Groschel, to name just a very few.

If you weren’t taught the Faith, you certainly are not going to be able to pass it on.


People who claim with incredible fervency that they are Catholic but then say they are pro-choice/against Biblical infallibility/don’t believe in the Real Presence really drive me up the wall.


You know, you could turn this around and say the “educated ones” are annoying because they can be too condescending and judgmental.

It’s just another generalization. IMHO sometimes blanket and sweeping generalizations about people are more damaging.

While I may not have had the best Catholic education, it was pretty good considering the time I was raised and don’t feel I was an “ignorant Catholic”. Although I spent many years outside of the church, the principal good that I learned because of my Catholic education and upbringing, was always part of my life.


The people who I feel the most sorry for are people who identify with the Catholic Faith, know the doctrine/dogmas, etc. and blatantly refuse to agree with those teachings simply because they see them as “too tough”, “unrealistic”, “out of date.”

They don’t do research on why the Church teaches what it does, and deny the moral authority of Catholicism. Best example I can think of is Catholics using ABC for the sole purpose that they think the Church leaders are fuddy duddies who just don’t understand.

(Disclaimer: I know there are medical reasons people use ABC, that’s not what I am against. I against laziness and self-serving ideals, especially among Catholics who have the gifts of their Faith.)


Yes. A non-Catholic has no particular reason to learn the Catholic faith, but those who bear the name of Catholic have a duty to understand our faith.


Nah… it’s about the same either way. :shrug:


For me it depends really. Ignorant Catholics who clearly have chances to learn the faith but refuses to allow themselves to be educated really bother me a lot. These I mean are the ones that are “too busy” to learn for themselves their faith.

Catholics who are ignorant of the faith because of poor catechesis, say the very rural areas, are not bothering me. Though the situation bothers me a lot too. :smiley:


No. It just makes me sad. I feel sad that other people who are Catholic receive Jesus but call Him “the bread” or “the wine”. Only because they don’t know or understand the Faith.

Sad that they have no clue whats going on when we pray the Mass.That they’re there only to fullfill their obligation.Not because they want to be. I have heard people behind us during Mass talk about where they’re going to eat lunch after Mass is over like that meal is more special then the one they are about to receive.

No not mad.

Just sad for them. I wish they knew more about our faith.
I do explain if I can but you know the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

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