"I'll do it my way"

As a relatively brand new Catholic, I continue to be amazed at the number of people who just want to do things their own way, regardless of the issue. It does seem that most of the issues around here fall into the sex category, whether that be sex with one’s self, sex before marriage, out of marriage, with the same sex, or abortion. But why? I was listening to Fr Larry Richards’ talk on Confession today (again) and I’ve been reading the Ven Louis of Grenada’s The Sinner’s Guide. I understand that the underlying sin in this is Pride, but I’m having a hard time understanding the stubborn clinging to that Pride.

Why do we think that we KNOW and UNDERSTAND better than anyone else? Why do we believe that “If I think it’s okay, then it’s okay”?

It seems to me that we should be praying for the grace to live according to God’s plan rather than keep trying to alter the plan itself.

When I was 18, I KNEW what right and wrong were; I chose to go against God’s plan. It was a conscious decision. The first big sin was hard, it hurt my conscience, made me a little sick, right along with the pleasure. But I learned that if I just ignored that hurt and sick feeling, that I could rub the edge right off my conscience. I could numb my soul to God’s voice.

I pray that all of us receive the grace to hear and believe with our souls.

A lot of it has to do with people falling victim to the worldly ways. They want to have it both ways and they don’t want to hear about it when they can’t. When you call them on it, even here on this forum, when only good intentions are first and foremost, you sometimes get classified as a cad, a fiend, a blow hard. People need to remember to always put God first. The minute you don’t, is the minute you start to walk away.

I think it’s more often “If it feels okay, then it’s okay.”
Just like in your experience, and mine, pleasure is a powerful force, and we can easily use it to block out God’s voice.

Is there anything to be done for our brothers and sisters who are following the path of pleasure? I mean other than praying. Does this back and forth that we do here help anyone to step away from that path or do people just become more entrenched in their own stubborness?

In a society that is run by the secular world, full of moral depravity and hedonism, it is very hard to pull people back on the path toward salvation. They are taught in school that they will not succeed unless they have it all and that they should endeavor to do so. That living a Catholic lifestyle will bring no rewards other than unhappiness. People are bombarded with this teaching 24/7. We as Catholics need to outwardly portray our faith, show that Catholicism is full of love and truth. Living our faith to the fullest and showing the benefits of it to all of your friends will draw people toward the faith. Catholics need to portray a sense of community that others will want to belong to and strive to emulate. We have lost that. People run for the doors after Mass instead of enjoying the church community. Strengthen and grow the church community and we will start to be seen. Years past, whole neighborhoods used to be Catholic and there were block parties and celebrations of Catholic life enjoyed all the time. People used to want to become part of the Catholic culture. Now we cocoon in our houses and often dread having to go to a church gathering let alone promote one and put one on. Society has become extremely selfish. “Oh, let someone else do it. I haven’t the time.” Try something new this week and introduce yourself to 2 people at church you don’t know. Do this every week and in a little way start to foster your own Catholic community. Let your fellow parishioners know what you are doing and hopefully it will spread. We have to start to be seen as a source of fulfillment,family,friends and fun, that enriches our society. Not the way the secular media portrays us. All of this can be done by living a God first lifestyle.

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