I'll pray for you


I don’t know why this popped into my head today …but it made me annoyed just thinking about it agian :mad:

Have you ever been in an argument or some sort of disscusion with someone and at some point in the conversation they say to you “I’ll pray for you” but in a condesending way not in the actual spirit of being a true christian.

My mother has said this to me on a number of occasions and for some reason it bothers me more then most of her other hateful comments (She has a personality disorder which causes her to be exceptionally mean spirited at times)

How does one respond to comments like that?


I think this is exactly the time that you turn the other cheek, and then really pray for them. I do know what you mean though.


I know exactly what you mean and it makes me CRAZY! You just want to bash in their little condescending face! But in the spirit of what would Jesus do… I thank them and tell them I’ll take all the prayers I can get. Then, I figure that God put them in my path and made then say that for some reason…and try to figure it out.


I would perhaps respond with, “I would like an entire Rosary, please.” :slight_smile:

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The funny thing is that if the person follows through with the prayer, it is more likely that his own heart will be change–more in conformity with God’s will.

God works on the person praying as often as “answering” the prayers.

The first time I was really conscious of this was when I was on Jury duty. I was praying “change the opinions of these idiots.”

oops! It was I whose vote changed. :smiley:

It really taught me a valuable lesson on how God works through prayer.


I have only used that line sarcastically once in my life.

A perfect stranger in her 60’s I would guess, took exception to me (a young white woman(about 30ish) at the time) talking to a black man (school teacher friend of the family) 20-30 yrs older than me in a Walmart snackbar. I had just come from church and was wearing my church clothes (skirt above the knees, turtleneck and cardigan with 2 inch pumps) She walked up to my friends table, gave me the onceover and screamed, “You’re a ho, nothing but a ho!” My kids were sitting at the next table over (ages 12,9, and 7) eating and chatting were as mortified as I was!

She proceeded to tell me I was a horrible mother because I sent my son to the restroom without accompanying him and then had to send my oldest son to go find him when he took too long. She ranted at the top of her lungs about how she was a court reporter and she was going to turn me in and have my kids taken away. My friend asked her if she had ever read the gospel of Matthew and quoted Judge not lest ye be judged and she totally blew him off. I was so freaked out and then I realized she was totally blowing him off and trying to engage me. I don’t like huge scenes in public and I was just whispering things like please don’t judge me, and, please keep your voice down.

Finally I had enough of her rant and I looked at her and said, “What? You want me to walk him to the bathroom? He’s 9 yrs old, do you want me to hold his hand while he goes too? Look lady, you have issues, I will pray for you!” OMGosh! You would have thought I had accused her of being the devil himself, I thought she was going to hit me. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Don’t pray for me! I DON’T NEED PRAYERS FROM YOU!!!” As she huffed off I was shaking, but I looked up and said, “Have a nice day!”

BTW, I don’t recommend her response…obviously. My male friend and I were discussing my classes at college as I had just gone back and he was encouraging me. I assure you there was absolutely nothing sleazy going on… not that it was her or anyone else’s business anyway.


You can reply, “I thank you for that. It is always welcome,” but it’s hard to say humbly, so if you want to stay humble, you may just want to say thanks and pray for that person as well. Perhaps as he prays for you following such a condescending offer of his, he will see (be shown) the error of his ways.

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You could say…Thank you, I will pray for you, too.’ If you mother has a personality disorder, then she isn’t fully cognizant of the angst it causes you when she says it. (“They know not what they do…” as Jesus said)

I don’t think I have ever heard a non-religious person say…I’ll pray for you. Even my Muslim friends are sincere when they say this to me…hmmm…that’s interesting!


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: I must remember this.



I think thats the very reason why this bothers me sooooo much, my mother is not religious at all. to give you a little bit of an idea she married to my step dad but ALSO ENGAGED to a another man (she has no plans of divorcing my step father) she has six kids with at least 3 men (I have a differnt father as well) She is just very irrational.She mocks my catholic faith ALL THE TIME!!!
Its just really annoying b/c I k now she says it to hurt me and just doesn’t pray at all


A simple thank you would be fine.:yup:


Funny, I get that a lot… :shrug:

Not that I mind, assuming you aren’t praying that dread Cthulhu eats me first – why should I have a problem with someone else calling in favors for me?


Condescension is hard to take until one’s had enough of it to stop caring.


Let’s say I’ve noticed.


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