My husband says am ill
I dont feel ill
my obsessional thoughts are getting to me but i also hear voices Some of the voices are God and the angels the other voices are the devil and demons
I went and saw the mental health team tonight saying what i was worried about ( i have a few things i worry about ) they said to take an extra of Valium witch i usually only take in emergencies i see my psych on Friday hopefully he does something
The devil and the demons tell me to hurt people but i have never done it to any one
They think i never will hurt anyone but am not sure i can trust myself
i have to have my husband with me wherever i go …i have OCD as well as hearing voices
Am listening to christian rock as i find it helpful but the voices are some times louder than the music i have to put them on head phones and it has to be loud

The devil and the demons tell me to follow other faiths but i feel its wrong for them to do that
but i do it anyway because i become obsessed about them

God and the angels help me to remind faithful to Jesus and say nice things to me
The devil and the demons tell me to hurt myself as well am a self injurer some times i have thoughts that tell me Jesus isnt the son of God and other blasphemous things
I dont know what to do
I cant find a christian counselor as i cant afford one as am on uk benefits and the NHS has long waiting times i am waiting to see somone about my OCD but it could be another 6 months before that happens

Praying for you. Are you able to go to your primary care physician, who could refer you to further professional help?

as i said am seeing my psych on Friday i have to wait until then before anything is done
i have to keep taking my medication and try and relax a little
i have Valium that i can take to calm me down but its only as a last resort
i think am going to have to deal with this the best way i can until then
Thank you for the prayers

Am praying for you too.

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