Illegal Imigration in the US


I read most of this article and am not quite sure what I think about it. Was hoping to get some of your ideas. As an American, I understand the concern about illegal immigration as it takes away from our jobs, they put an undue burden on our infrastructure, namely healthcare and welfare, and they pay no taxes.

As a Catholic, I understand the need to be compassionate to these people and their desire that they are looking for a better way of life (assuming that is their real motivation) and we should do whatever we can to help them. Part of that help would be a gentle reminder, however, they are to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s (i.e. taxes). Also, even though they might take some of our jobs, God will make sure that our NEEDS are taken care of.

I am giving the immigrants the benefit of the doubt and think that the majority are coming here to escape horrible living conditions and extreme poverty. I could be totally naive in thinking that way, but I TRY to think the best of people until they prove otherwise (not always successful though). I believe that Cardinal Mahony is doing the same and trying to do what Christ would have done, which is help these people.

I also question the leader of the Minutemen organization for openly disagreeing with and defying the Cardinal because of his political views. In essence, he is being an American BEFORE being a Catholic. Until the Holy See says otherwise about the actions of Cardinal Mahoney, shouldn’t we abide by his wishes?

I’m just torn because the American in me agrees in controlling the immigration, but the Catholic in me doesn’t completely agree. Again, this is all assuming that they are coming for economic reasons and not political.


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