What if you had to do something that was considered if not illegal but wrong? Whene does illegal stop and doing what is right begin?

We stand against abortion, the death penalty and other such things.

What would you do if faced with a personal issues that indirectly was refrence to these things. Where do you go and what do you do when your personal morals contradict your professional job?


The subject is called “Natural Law” there is a great deal of writting on the subject. Your question becomes evaluation of a current law in the light of whether the current law complies with or contradicts the Natural Law base. If the current law violates the base you refuse compliance to the current law. Hope that helps

BTW all lawyer study Natural Law first, then civil law


Actually, I don’t stand against the death penalty, on that the death penalty laws favor those who have money for a good lawyer.


I am a horrible employee.

  1. I quit a job because they wanted me to transport a pregnant teen to her abortion appointment.

  2. I refused a promotion that would put a family man out of a job while giving me more money and responsibility.

  3. I quit my retail job because of their demand that I work every Sat night and Sunday when Mass was scheduled.

Thus I am a BAD EMPLOYEE. I firmly believe that moral and religious practice is more important then “lip” service.

The sad part is that I likes each of these jobs. :frowning: The work that I was doing was interesting and in some cases fun and rewarding. But, compromise with moral values is never right. Everyone looses.:mad:


Kathleen, you make me proud! :thumbsup:


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