Illegals pay off

I have long been confounded by Mahony’s refusal to abide by the law of the United States and support immigration law. After all, the state of California has been brought to financial ruin by paying for all the entitlements for illegal aliens. Even emergency rooms have had to close because they were overwhelmed by these people. Then I returned to the statement I usually put fourth-“follow the money.” Today’s WSJ reported that Mahony’s diocese paid out $650 million to the victims of priest molesters after Mahony protected the priests who committed these terrible criminal acts. Mahony’s comment was to acknowledge he “made mistakes.”

This money has to be made up some where, and these illegal aliens are mostly Catholic who support the church with their illegally obtained wages. What would it take for the Pope to fire this man?

O Rly?

Even emergency rooms have had to close because they were overwhelmed by these people.

What evidence do you have for this and your previous claim?

What evidence? You have got to be kidding. Do you watch the news? A few months ago the feds were on the verge of having to make California’s bills.

Okay, please provide some of those news links. At least one current news link is required for starting a thread in this forum, anyway.

If common sense does not appeal to you check this out:

An article by FAIR is hardly objective. :rolleyes:

Do you have any news links to back your claims? This forum is for the discussion of news.

Its traditional in my circle *not *to refer to prelates by their just last names.

Numbers do not lie regardless of the source. What are your numbers? What is the source for your data? I could take you to California, open the books and highlight the relevant facts and you would still refuse to believe it because you are obviously a supporter of open borders.

The Washington Times also reported this so here is your “hard news reference” :

Use you common sense as well. What do you think happens when millions of people use services like emergency rooms, welfare, schools, etc without paying for them? DUH? Speaking of tution check out the Heritage Foundation’s take on that here:

Is it also “traditional” in your “circle” to enable the molestation of children and flagrantly disregard the law of this country?

Kuzushi, numbers may not lie but they can be false. The FAIR report, which is the subject of your four year old Washington Times link, took a 1994 Urban Institute study and inflated the numbers ten-fold to “account for changes” in the past ten years. Such a monumental inflation reeks of falsity.

Moreover, that Urban Institute study concluded that illegal aliens actually were a net plus for tax payers, by the tune of $25-$30 million. Don’t forget that illegal aliens pay taxes (and Social Security, too) Using the FAIR inflation factor, California tax payers are profiting by at least $250 - $300 million now. But I am not going to make that claim.

A 2006 study estimated that the cost to San Diego County was $256 million. I don’t have a projection for the entire state, but I suspect that this is more realistic than the FAIR claim.

But San Diego County’s experience may not mean the entire state is losing money on illegal aliens. In Texas, illegal aliens have been an economic boom.

A 2006 study by the Texas State Comptroller estimated that the 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in Texas alone added almost $18 billion to the state’s economic output, and more than paid for the $1.2 billion in state services they used by generating $1.6 billion in new state revenues.

Wrong. I just don’t like wild, unsubstantiated claims.

As I mentioned before, illegal aliens pay taxes too. If a state chooses to charge in-state tuition that is the state’s choice.

Thank you for the two links, but you still haven’t shown that illegal aliens are the cause of California’s budget woes. Or that emergency rooms are being forced to close because of illegal aliens.

I wish you had addressed my statement.

Sure, but it certainly does not offset the overall cost for things like higher than normal incarceration rates:

and such HUGELY expensive crimes like identity theft :

and the ENORMOUS cost in lives from traffic offenses like drunk driving:

I could go on and on, but you will simply continue to deny reality.

That is all YOUR opinion. What evidence do you have that FAIR’s numbers are incorrect?

Oh really, maybe you don’t want to know the truth:

The bottom line is that a country, any country, is physically and legally defined by its borders. Why would Mahony not want to obey the laws of the land he lives in. I think I have shown the reason in my initial post. I blame people like Mahony and other short sighted liberal do gooders for all the problems I listed above.

Uh… i think I did.

Furthermore check out Mahony’s complacent and flippant attitude regarding the criminal behavior of illegal aliens:

I think this clearly shows he is either in denial or has alternative, ie financial, motives for his support of these people.

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