Illicit ordination of a woman in Boston

There was an article today in the liberal, anti-catholic rag, The Boston Globe, about a woman from the Boston area being ordained in Canada by excommunicated women “bishops”. Not surprising this woman espouses the most dissident positions (in terms of catholic teaching) across the board including dispensing the sacraments to divorced catholics and sexually active gays. She also wants to dispense with the celibacy rule (she’s married to a former priest) and is a certified reiki therapist. Putting aside the fact that woman will never be allowed to be priests, you’d think the organization “womanpriests” would want to present someone who’s a little less kooky and fringe in her beliefs to at least give the impression that they are to be taken seriously. Check out the link below for the article referenced above - this is so typical of the Boston Globe to promote this stuff.

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