Illicit vs. Invalid: Difference?


I see a lot of posts that say some liturgical abuse might be illicit, but it does not invalidate the Mass. Can someone give me a short and sweet explanation of what the difference between illicit and invalid practices is?


Illicit means not legal. Invalid means not effective. Lets say for example that a priest changes the words of the Credo or Creed in the Mass. That would be illicit, but it would still be a valid Mass and the bread and wine would be changed into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus. If that same priest decided to not use thr words of consecration, This is my body…, This is my blood…, then the Mass would be invalid and not truly a Mass. Another example might be a lay person who decides in a non-emergency to baptize a baby using the proper words and actions, that would be illicit, but the baptism would be valid. Same person attempts to baptize that baby, uses water, but does not use the proper formula of words. The baptism would be invalid, i.e. not effective.Vorstehen Sie?


Got it. Many thanks.


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