Illinois' bishops on "Left Behind" series of books: speak against their rapture theology and hostility to Catholicism

The “left Behind” series of books entered the mainstream of public reading. At one time, four books in this series were the top four books listed in the New York Times list of best-sellers. But the bishops of Illinois warn Catholics against this series. They even report that some CCD catechists have even taught about the “rapture” as if it was an article of faith. Films based on these books have also come out. The bishop’s statement is provided at

It’s amazing how many Catholics think the rapture is part of Church teaching. Kudos to this bishop for setting the record straight!

Isn’t this really old?

Its eight years old, but given the hullabaloo over Harold Camping’s predictions perhaps timely once again.

BTW, here is a direct link to the Zenit article:

Back before I became Catholic(as I was sort of looking into converting) I read the first book. Not long after I had a dream where the rapture took place…EXCEPT-- all the Catholics were taken up. And all of us left still had a chance to convert and go to heaven :slight_smile:

Converting to the Roman Catholic Church, it was a bit hard for me to let go of the rapture theory. I mean who wants to stick around and suffer? But in time I let go of it. I had read the entire series and I am thinking about all those times I sat and argued with friends over these books, were many hours wasted and ill-spent.

Way to go Bishops for promulgating the truth.

God bless.

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