Illinois Gov. Pritzker Parties with Biden Election Crowd Despite Calling for State to Lock Down

Just another frustrating incidence of “For thee but not for me” elitist attitude.


Illinois Gov. Pritzker Parties with Biden Election Crowd Despite Calling for State to Lock Down

SPRINGFIELD, IL - FEBRUARY 20: Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is congratulated by lawmakers after delivering his first budget address to a joint session of the llinois House and Senate at the Illinois State Capitol on February 20, 2019 in Springfield, Illinois. (Photo by E. Jason Wambsgans/Pool/Getty Images)

E. Jason Wambsgans/Pool/Getty Images


11 Nov 2020

Illinois’ Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker is once again making grave proclamations about shutting his state down due to the coronavirus. Still, despite the draconian measures to “save lives,” the governor was also seen partying in crowded Chicago streets last week celebrating Joe Biden’s purported 2020 election win.

Photos of the gov. partying with Chicagoans showed up on Twitter as people remarked on Pritzker’s parading joyously in the Windy City’s Boystown neighborhood:

Celebrants are wearing masks in the video, as is the governor. Still, there is nothing resembling social distancing, especially for a governor who had voluntarily sent himself into self-quarantine for a second time . . .

. . . Indeed, only four days before he was seen celebrating in the streets, Pritzker was heard warning that more harsh shutdowns were coming.

Yet, Pritzker thought it was fine to join hundreds of people on the streets of Chicago. Chicago columnist Mark Konkol slammed the governor, saying, “But there was Pritzker weaving through crowds of people to celebrate Biden’s victory when a social video message would have been a safer way to celebrate . . .


You can also see Senator Chuck Schumer running around without a mask on and no social distancing just days ago here . . .


You will see a maskless (he eventually did put a mask on) non-social distancing Schumer on the streets of New York politicking for the upcoming Georgia special election in January in a couple of months.

The same guy who was warning you we could not vote in-person in some cases, because of corona virus.

The same guy who mask-shames others.

. . . No matter the governor’s response, the damage is done.

His Saturday sidewalk parade has only further eroded the credibility of his pandemic leadership, along with those “not scientifically founded” metrics guiding his coronavirus response and his political future.

It’s just the latest example that our governor lacks the self-awareness and commonsense to see how dangerous it is to tell the people he serves to do as he says, regardless of his own actions.

Pritzker handed people on the fence about whether to follow his executive orders — and those calls for canceling holidays as we know them this year — another reason to ignore his coronavirus edicts.

Why would you listen to a guy who doesn’t take his own advice?

The behavior of the Governors in Illinois, California, and New York appears to prove that they don’t truly believe in the importance of their dictatorial measures.


Guess we’ll just have to vote them out of office.

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