Illinois governor clears thousands of marijuana convictions

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My concern about mainstreaming pot is the effect on youths,
daily usage is the norm for many youths in my state, where it was legalized for adults.

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Finally something right coming out of Chicago.

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I share your concern, but I don’t think criminalization is the best tool to use in discouraging use by youths. Much has been done toward discouraging tobacco use among teens without resorting to criminalizing all tobacco use.

Plus the enforcement efforts seem to be more damaging to some communities and individuals than the actual drug use at times.

As a former Illinois resident, as someone told me while in the Land of Lincoln, you have to be smoking MJ to live in the state. They can’t place everyone in jail. That and our governors make our license plates. That used to be the common jokes anyway. Hope the new legal pot works out for the best and makes the state money.

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