Illinois lawmaker apologizes for racial comment


SPRINGFIELD — A Democratic lawmaker from Aurora apologized again today for racial remarks she made on the Illinois House floor during a charged discussion of a bill to regulate charter schools.

During debate Wednesday, Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia turned to face her Democratic colleagues and pleaded: “Listen to me, minorities. I’m over here because we’re all over on this side, right?”

Republicans, who took the remark to mean Chapa LaVia was saying there are no minority GOP House members, shouted in disapproval. Chapa LaVia responded: “We have a half. We have a half.”,0,5969972.story


Yeah, she really shouldn’t have said that.


She could argue her inflection was wrong, and she was inferring she was a conservative.

Like, “we’re all over on this side. RIGHT.”

Okay, I got nothing.


What is in her heart came to the fore. She said that it wasn’t really her. It WAS her, however. No one but a truly ugly, racist person thinks such a thing. :frowning:

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