Illinois sheriffs back concealed carry of guns, with limits

Lets pray that the citizens of Illinois get their freedom back.

Illinois sheriffs back concealed carry of guns, with limits…A?OpenDocument
By Nicholas J.C. Pistor
Thursday, Feb. 05 2009
Belleville — Support for allowing concealed carry of firearms in Illinois — one
of just two states that still outlaw it — is coming from what seems like an
unlikely direction: the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association.

The group, for the first time in its history, is taking a qualified stand in
favor of the controversial practice.

State Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion, proposed a bill (HB245) last week that would
allow residents to obtain concealed firearm permits. It would require
background checks and training in handgun use, safety and marksmanship. Similar
bills have been introduced in the past, and died with little support.

“I believe to be successful the key to concealed carry is training,” said St.
Clair County Sheriff Mearl Justus, voicing his support Wednesday. "If we allow
concealed carry, we must make sure only the right people have the guns. This is
best done by requiring training, proper identification, and a thorough
background check — including a mental evaluation.

“If this is done, our citizens will have the right to concealed carry, but
those who can’t pass a background check or cannot successfully complete a
training program will not be legally able to obtain a permit.”

Gun control groups warn of the dangers of putting more weapons into
circulation, and say few people will ever use firearms to defend themselves —
and normally don’t use the same level of consideration as law enforcement
regardless of training.

Missouri authorized concealed carry in 2003. Wisconsin is the state besides
Illinois that forbids it. “I’ve got mixed emotions about it,” said Robert
Hertz, the Madison County sheriff. “Some time ago I was dead against these
laws, but I’ve moderated my view.”

Hertz said he supported the association’s position. A resolution of the
organization, which represents the state’s 102 sheriffs, says 90 percent
support concealed carry if adequate training and safeguards are included.

“Good people should have more of an opportunity to defend themselves,” Hertz
said. “I support this only with restrictions.”

As someone from Illinois I would welcome this.

You can expect violent crimes to decline if this passes. I comend the Sheriff’s dept.

Same here.

Oh no, run away, there will be blood in the streets, it will be like a gunfight at the OK Corral every day . . . oh wait, Chicago is already like that only its the bad guys who have guns.

Allowing civilian carry will even the odds a bit.

I’ve had a LTCH, on and off, for nearly 20 years. Finally upgraded to a lifetime permit in my state. We don’t require concealed carry, so we can Open Carry or Conceal Carry at our choice. I think Open Carry has some serious advantages, but any step forward for Illinois with allowing civilian carry will reduce the crime in their state.

It’s nice to have the sheriffs in on this one. Having their support, for me, is huge.

What states have open carry?

At last-common sense prevails! :slight_smile:

Quite a few. I can’t give you a list because I don’t know all of them. I know New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Indiana allow it because I’ve been to all 3 of those. Utah does, but I’ve not done it there. You may want to visit they have all the updates on Open Carry. I believe over half of the states that allow citizen carry actually allow open carry. Some states allow open carry without a license of any type, some states that don’t allow concealed carry (like Illinois) allow open carry in RURAL areas only.

What is “fully preempted open carry permitted” (from the website Melendsdad linked to)? What does that mean?

Alaska, for one. 3 side visibility, no license needed. Must be 18+, not into government buildings, schools, banks, nor establishments serving liquor. Must offer to check at door for all other businesses. Applies to all weapons, including blades.

In short, really quite a pain.

There is also provision for CCW permits.

Oregon does, with the exception of some cities, where it is against city ordinance.

Didn’t I post on this already? The bill’s sponsors are trying to create a buzz, not get a law passed.

The climate for such a bill’s passage was far better during the 26 years straight when the GOP sat in the governor’s chair in IL. Now the bill has been put in to bring the issue to the forefront, and possibly get the electorate jumping on issues where Republicans think they can make political gains.

Are they trying to pass a law? I think not. This is an attempt to increase the chances of increasing the Republican numbers in Springfield.

As noted in the original news reports: “Democratic Rep. Frank Mautino of Spring Valley said Monday he is doubtful [the] legislation will go very far in the Legislature.”

Beau, not surprisingly, I have to disagree with your assessment. While I sit on the sane side of the Illinois state line (I can see your state from my home), all my news comes from Chicago. When Illinois had GOP governors the mood of the state was never one that really favored this legislation largely because of the Chicago factor. Proxy Governor Richey Daley has so much power out of his Chicago mayors office that he really was able to push, along with many other urban allies, gun control laws through Illinois despite the party who controlled the high seat in Springfield.

Its really only been in the last few years that states have been pushing for more and more freedom to allow citizens to carry guns. The pro-carry legislation is largely based on the success of Florida’s laws that show a decrease in crime after they passed their law. Other states have been following and attaining similar results.

We now are in a very interesting time with gun sales soaring through the roof, gun ownership at all time highs, and murders and gun crimes generally falling. Accidents with guns are also at an all time low. So I suspect that really what we are seeing is just a start to see Illinois get this law, but I also suspect it may take another 10 years before your state treats begins to treat it subjects like honest citizens with regard to gun laws.

So you mean when there were more conservatives and Republicans in power in IL there was a worse chance to get a new CCW law passed? Excuse me, but that sounds illogical. Like I said, and you adverted to, this is about changing the ‘mood’ in the state, not getting legislation passed.

As mentioned in my post in the politics forum, gun advocates in CA put a gun issue on the ballot which energized the conservatives to come out to vote. It also doomed Tom Bradley’s gubernatorial campaign.

Mayor Daley does not run the county or the state. As much as folks try to demonize him, legislation gets passed which he does not favor.

Yes that is what I am saying, but no it is not illogical if you look at the history of the citizen carry laws. There were very unfashionable for many years, regardless of political party. It took Florida to pass their law to change the trend.

There have been dozens of studies centered on Florida and those studies proved several things, including the fact that citizens can be trusted in public with guns. The mood of the nation and many politicians changed because of that, and if you look at the time span since Florida adopted its carry laws (adopted in 1987) it took about 5 years before there were any decent studies out of the state and by 10 years (1997) the results were conclusive and convincing.

Now take a look at the state of Illinois and the politics of Daley, as well as the governors in the state for really only the last 10 to 12 years since the Florida numbers really began being accepted around 1997. Edgar (2 years), Ryan (4 years) and Blogo since 2003. Edgar was never a strong pro-gunner, nor particularly conservative. Perhaps you don’t remember your own state’s history as Edgar actually proposed a weapons ban in Illinois. Ryan was pretty anti-gun in office and was routinely referred to as pro-gun-control by the Violence Prevention Campaign (an anti-gun group).

While it is easy to stereotype politicians and suggest that Republicans are pro-gun and Democrats are anti-gun, that is overly simplistic and often wrong. The facts show that many of the strongest pro-gunners are Democrats. I’d suggest you learn the politics of your state a little better before you suggest that Republicans Governors in your state are pro-gun. I think you need to look a bit deeper to find the truth before simply suggesting stereotypes about politics.

The time now is better for citizen carry in Illinois than ever before because of a lot of reasons, but I seriously doubt it if will happen anytime soon.

Virginia has open carry as well.:slight_smile:

So does the great state of Georgia.No safety course required either.(Although safety courses are a good thing to take, regardless.)

I suggest you become a little less paternalistic in your postings. Try a little humility.

Noted. But you did not refute any of the FACTS that I posted. In fact your prior post implied the opposite. So I may need some humility, but at least my posts are based on fact. To be charitable to you I’d say you are spreading unintentional but false information, but if you know what you are saying then its far worse than that.

This is not the first thread where I have had to correct your blatant errors.

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