Illinois sheriffs back concealed carry of guns, with limits

Like I said, a little less paternalism and a little more humility are in order.

Sometimes there are differences of opinion. You seem to:

  1. Feel free to limn different opinions as ‘blatant errors’.

  2. Insist on the last word.


Like I said in response to you many times,
*]you intentionally avoid the REAL issue,
*]you change the topic when you are wrong, and
*]you then criticize others who PROVE you wrong with FACTS.

You said above in this thread that Illinois would have more likely passed a citizen carry law under the prior GOP governors. I showed that you were wrong, and reminded you that Edgar introduced a gun ban and Ryan was considered anti-gun by the gun control crowd. I also gave you a bit of a history lesson on how the carry laws have changed, and gave you information about the turning point in the laws when Florida passed their law. You ignore all those things and choose to simply criticize others who prove you wrong. Further you attempt to cast doubt by avoiding facts and calling them “opinions” but the facts stand up in the light no matter what you call them, or how you try to spin them to suit your needs.

Me, I’d rather stick to the truth and rely on the facts. Facts prove your opinions/statements wrong. It is really that simple.

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