Illness during the 2WW => pregnant?



Im' right in the 2WW for our first TTC cycle and feeling very weird, headache, crampy everywhere, and so on.
A secular NFP-forum which i'm in has drawn my attention to the fact that more often than not, being ill during the 2 WW results in a positive HPT, because the illness makes egg implantation easier (blood cells being busy otherwise, and thus unable to attack the new baby)

so, how was it with you ?
Can you remember if you were ill between Ovulation Day and your positive HPT ?:)


I did have a slight cold during the 2ww with Bug, but it was also early fall which makes that typical for me.

One thing I do know is that a lot of times you can psych yourself out and set yourself up for disappointment, so it's best just to not dwell on it.


I didn't notice a difference at all.


I wouldn't necessarily call it "illness"... but implantation can cause certain side effects in some women (google "implantation symptoms"), although not everyone experiences those symptoms... so it's hard to say whether your particular symptoms are due to implantation or not...
But, they sound promising (headache, cramping, etc are typical for implantation)!!!...

Prayers for you!


Thanks Em... just hoping !
We'll see what God has in store for us, but after almost 3 years of TTA, we're reaaaally keen on switching to TTC. DH is even crazier than me and keeps asking if "there is a baby in there":o


Oh I remember those days of wondering and noticing every single little detail and thinking "is it pregnancy related???" but many times it was not and was just my imagination.

I might as well be talking to a wall, because I remember how impossible it was to just wait without thinking about it, but I encourage you to try not to pay attention to the little things as the disappointment is very difficult to deal with when it turns out to be just normal bodily functions rather than pg. Even now I feel so many things that I realize are similar to pg that its no wonder we experience so many symptoms and attribute them falsely to pg!

With that said, I did get a cold during the 2WW of my first child and I had no idea it was pg related. It wasn't a true cold, but a serious stuffiness although I had no idea it was actually a pregnancy. I had weird swelling immediately after conception with my 2nd, and I can't remember anything significant with my 3rd (he was my 4th pregnancy within 6 months so I was pretty desensitized to getting excited or paying attention to the little details as I couldn't seem to stay pregnant).

Try to relax and know that God will give you that perfect child when you are meant to have him/her! My son is a perfect example, if any of my previous miscarriages had turned into a child, I would not have my son and I can't imagine life without him :)

Good Luck!!


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