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I just got an email about these “playing cards” from Trinity’s Factotum. Does anyone have these? Are they good? They also have a way to email out a link so that families can buy with $5 going to your cause (in this case our school).

I really like the idea if the content is ok and would love an easy fundraiser, even if we only earned my $5.

Thanks for any help!


They’re Catholic trivia cards! I’ve never heard of them, but they look super cool. The artwork from the Book of Kells is gorgeous! I don’t know anything about this company, but they do say they do not attempt to explain heavy doctrine, just try to generate interest in the traditions of the faith.

I can’t resist putting up this guy:


:dancing: I LOVE these! I’m definitely keeping them in mind for future gifts for people… and I definitely am thinking about a set for us at home… :smiley:


Thanks! It looks like I might send out an email to our families. (A few of us are in charge of the scrip program at school. We get a lot of info out through our email list and this would fit, I’d think.)


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