Illuminati and acting industry


What’s the whole conspiracy about the acting industry being involved in the illuminati?


Sounds like complete nonsense, actually.


The Illuminati were a real movement within the Freemasons in the late 1700’s that attempted to take the organization in a different ideological direction. They do not exist anymore.


There are a lot of sleazy people in the entertainment industry. I really think the Illuminati should be the least of your worries. Just concentrate on dodging sexual abusers, drug pushers, Scientologists, and exploitative contracts.


Ex satanist Zachary King, confirms that satanists write music for much of the current music industry, with lyrics to break down people’s spiritual barriers, towards lust, aetheism, and the occult.


An hour? No way. How about a summary for us?


The vast majority of what we hear, see and read in this life is nonsense. We grow when we develop the critical thinking skills and prudence to dismiss the nonsense.


Good thing I don’t like the pop culture that much.


I don’t think it is anything like the illuminati at work. What you have are a bunch of people who are adept at pretending they are something they are not, generating a huge following of fawning and adoring “fans” and who, due to that, somehow think they are superior in their outlook on matters of life, spirituality, faith, or morals. It is huge egos that cause these people to think they are somehow superior to the everyday man, because of their wealth, power, and ego. Humility is not a mark of so much of Hollywood. At least that portion that are constantly in everyone’s face about how to think and vote on certain issues.


The Holy Trinity has conspired to get you into heaven.

All other conspiracies fall into the meh category.


Proving once again that some people will believe anything. :roll_eyes:


3. They were joking, to make fun of those who will believe anything bad about someone famous.


Could be option 3 !

Could be any option!


Please consider the possibility that Zachary King is a fraudulent huckster…


I can confirm that Hollywood and a good portion of the media have contributed to a lowering of moral standards.


Everyone knows CERN is just for harvesting Antimatter for WMD’s.


I have no idea what that means.


Look it up. You might find something interesting…




True and I am hopeful because of this.

If this is not good news I don’t know what is.


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