I’m looking for a legitimate source (short article, not a book, since I’m short on time) which explains:

Who are the Illumanti?

Are they affiliated with Freemasons?

Is there a rising movement of the Illuminati? Beyonce and Jay-Z supposedly flash the sign a lot.

Well once when I was playing Steve Jackson Games Illuminati the game was won by the Boy Scouts controlling the Men in Black and the Cattle Mutilators :smiley:

I think a quick Google search may be in order. But my experience has shown those topics are rife with conspiracy theorists/NWO (and not the wrestling :p) types.

In the mean time…


what does an illuminati sign look like anyway? i am at the library and while waiting for a computer i noticed someone else reading an article about beyonce flashing an illuminati sign. this is the first i have heard of it!

The Illuminati is a very real organization that was founded, in part, to advance the interests of the wealthy in Europe.

The Freemasons exist and while doing some good work, have been forcefully spoken against by the Church.

Satanic/Freemason/You name it signs have been associated with some people/bands in the music business. Even if these individuals believe in any of this, it is just as likely to be a publicity trick to create more buzz about the “product.”



May I join you.:popcorn:

Those making light of this are welcome to do so, but seeing as though Satan deceives by deception, I’m not sure I’d encourage others to ignore the threat.

"Our final end is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution, the destruction for everof Catholicism and even of the Christian idea which, if left standing on the ruins of Rome, would be the resuscitation of " Christianity later on. "

From The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, a masonic document. “Printed in English in 1885 and discovered in Italian earlier and orderedpublished in 1859 by Pope Pius IX.”
Full text here…

I was more troubled by Beyonce’s lip-syncing at the Inauguration than I was by any supposed “sign” she made. For that matter, her whole performance was morally questionable beyond any “sign” she might have made.

What threat?


Agreed. I did a Bing search and, as is typical with topics such as these, the hits I got appeared to be, as you say, “rife with conspiracy theorists”. That’s why I came here. I was hoping some folks here could point me to an unbiased source. It’s been my experience that most of the people here attempt to stick with truth, and avoid the “fringe stuff.”

Well, an article I read today showed a picture of Beyonce making one, and another picture of Jay-Z making one. It was simply using two hands, thumbs together and index fingers together, making a triangle.

Off topic, but boy, do I agree with you! Not only her vulgar performance, but the commercials!!! My children are now 27 and 29, but I’ll have grandkids someday. How in the world can we continue to watch a simple football game? We’re subjected to trash, even when watching a supposedly non-trashy television program–a football game.

I remember watching Andy Griffith a year or so ago, and a Viagra commercial came on. I’m tired of being subjected to this garbage, but besides not watching television anymore, what can we do?

Maybe it’s nothing more than love for her man; Jay-Z’s record label Roc-a-fella uses a diamond as its symbol. Maybe??

Even the drug cartels do some good work - food for the poor, schools etc but that’s because they have an agenda, i.e. they want people to ignore their evil deeds. Same as the Freemasons!!
Satan mixes truths with lies to deceive. That’s what groups like drug cartels and Freemasons also do.

And the plot thickens (or the confusion compounds). There is a Jesuit connection???

Ms. Knowles was flashing a diamond symbol for her husband’s record company.

Does anyone here think that Beyonce’ Knowles has ANY idea who the Iliuminati are? Like MOST Americans, I am quite sure that she has little interest in anything outside her immediate circle of family, close friends, and things that directly impact her personally.

Not a big fan of conspiracies… Like “the Israelis orchestrated 9/11”, or “aliens killed JFK”, or “the Jesuits killed Lincoln”, or “the U.S. government knew of and allowed Pearl Harbor to happen”… I personally refuse to believe the booger-man is lurking everywhere. Beyonce’ knowles most likely had no idea who the Illuminati are until we all sterted talking about it.

i think i agree with you. beyonce and jay-z are a business empire. it would make sense that she would be flashing a symbol of her husband’s record company. i am sure between the two, their financial picture is quite comfortable now and for the future.

Thank you!!!

In case any of you still check your posts, watch the below video on Masonry and the Illuminati. It is from a Catholic perspective but everything in the video is factual and not based on opinions and conspiracy.

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