Illuminati Post #2: The Illuminati vs. Hip Hop

Does anyone believe that the “Illuminati,” or whoever “they” are, have control of much of popular media, including the music industry? Take hip-hop, e.g. …

Pro- “Illuminati” rappers: Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

Anti- “Illuminati” rappers: Tupac, Ice Cube, Eazy E, etc.

An interesting case is Eminem. He seems to be currently resisting them but as I understand the situation he is stuck with them for the time being (with a record deal?)

Also there are pro- and anti- “Illuminati” artists in other genres of music. (I know most of you think I am out of my gourd and will therefore ignore me or ridicule me :D)

The illuminati is a real and ancient secret society - bent on the annihalation of the catholic faith and moral standards conducent to christian faith.

It is a true force for the ushering in of the reign of Antichrist. and the abolition of the [daily sacrifice]. Music industry is just one of its many tentacles. Reaching the young and the not so young with its anesthetic messages and numbing philosophy of power, control, greed and idolatry.

Illuminati is not as easily traceable as a “record label”. You don’t just go to the “Federal office of Illuminati” to file a grievance.

To combat the forces of Antichrist, we need a life of prayer and a life of the spirit - nutured by the sacraments.

You are posting anonymously, so don’t worry whether people think “Job42” is out of his/her gourd.

I am skeptical of the Illuminati. Do you have any proof that they exist and exert control over the popular media and music industry?

How did you separate out pro and anti Illuminati rappers? Do they discuss the Illuminati?

Peace and blessings

I am a bit skeptical myself, that is why I put Illuminati in quotation marks. However I have come to believe that there are Satanic influence(s) that are highly organized and that are in control of much of popular culture. I admit I am going on popular opinion regarding how I separated out the pro- and anti- “Illuminati” rappers, but certainly if you look at some of Tupac’s interviews, for example, he is clearly talking about fighting against what he called the Illuminati and his last album (before he died) was called “Killuminati” because he was fighting against it. Another point is that through backmasking Jay-Z was revealed to have put a blatantly Satanic message into at least one of his songs, although he denies having done so.

I think all of the rappers you listed are pretty twisted and immoral. I wouldn’t say that any of them are against the ways of Satan. Pretty much all rap for that matter, besides Christian rap, is nothing but filth. Hip hop as a whole can probably be viewed as an arm of the Illuminati because of its general image and message.

I think a number of rappers have a lot of important and good things to say in their songs if you see past the curse words and such. Certainly better than the likes of Jay-Z. But I will agree that just because an artist is anti- “Illuminati” doesn’t mean that they are great to listen to. Unfortunately, for example, some rappers today seem to be taken by the 5 Percenters worldview. But I will still listen to a song of theirs, whereas I do not ever want to listen to a Jay-Z/Kanye/etc. song again. Maybe their early stuff but not their more recent stuff.

Perhaps, but I don’t think I’ll be able to see past curse words. If they have something good to say they should figure out an intelligent, moral way to articulate it that doesn’t resort to filth.

There are, believe it or not Christian rappers, who actually live like Christians and don’t use potty language, and have a truly positive message.


You might also like Toby Mac and Newsboys

You can look all of them up on Wikipedia if you won’t to learn more about them.

don’t demonize certain people because of perceived evil influences. The Illuminati are a myth - the original group only lasted a few decades from the late eighteenth century. The ‘spirit of antichrist’ is not human. As the pope said: “the line between good and evil runs through every human heart.”

Okay, I will leave Kanye and Lil Wayne alone for now, but there is a mountain of evidence against Jay-Z. The backmasking, the lyrics to his songs, calling himself Jay-HOVA (Jehovah), the linkages to Aleister Crowley, etc. I certainly don’t take joy in “demonizing” anyone. I am only interested in the truth. I hope he finds God. Maybe this is all in my head but I am far from the only one who is seeing all of this.

I think the lyrics to Jay Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ basically sum up how he really feels:
“and Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.”

There would be intelligent reason ~ to crews,squads,record groups.

Eminem is resisting “them”? Oh, really? Is that why the music from “Lose Yourself” is showing up on car commercials everywhere? I can’t watch anything on TV without seeing that car commercial with the beats from “Lose Yourself.” I think it was even a Super Bowl commercial. And I wouldn’t exactly call him “stuck” with anyone, since his most recent song (“Lighters,” with Bruno Mars) was from a side project. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think this through a whole lot when I posted it, and I was pretty obsessed with all the Illuminati Youtube videos at that particular moment in time. I am over that for now. However I still think that there is probably some type of highly organized Satanic effort to fundamentally change society by way of popular media among other means. Whether or not the actual Illuminati exists I don’t know. I know this is an unpopular and fanatical idea around here but there you have it. Also I don’t really know how to distinguish between “safe” and “dangerous” pop-culture products so for the time being I tend to avoid most of it but I also try not to look down my nose at those who enjoy popular music, movies, television, etc. I hope I succeed but I know I fail at times and I am sorry for that.

Just to put my quick two cents in here.

Yes, the Illuminati exist, yes they are demonic, and yes, they control a large portion of and influence the music industry.

The devil controls a lot of the institutions of this world, unfortunately.

If you’re interested, you can go to for a view into this.

Good luck.

My concern is whether we should boycott certain so called ‘illuminati’ artists. If such an organization is real. I dont really think there is an illuminati, but as other poster said, its possible satanism is around in many songs. Still clueless though.

I am unsure about this whole illuminati, but just want to ask this if you dont mind ;):

Considering you believe the Illuminati exists, would you boycott music which is thought to be illuminati?

Some of it------------for the most part, I would listen to it “with my mind wide open,” knowing the secret and true message behind it. some of it is enjoyable----most of it has to do more with the music videos of a particualar songs and THEIR symbolism. It’s very non-subtle and very in your face. At the very least I would not watch the music videos.
Once again, good luck. And remember to use discernment in everything when it comes to stuff like this. Don’t accep anything at face value and always look at things through the lens of you Faith. Put the “armor of God on.” Remember that the very people who identify the Illuminati and their agenda are (many of them, not all) New Age themselves and want tyou to agree with THEIR vew of the world. Again, good luck and remember to rely upon God for everything. :thumbsup::):cool::stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, Illuminati merged with Freemasons long time ago, more than a century, in fact… they guys you’re searching for, are the Freemasons.

They have great influence in South America and some parts of Europe.



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