IL's going to Rome


I don’t know what the best forum was for this, but anyway, my in laws are going to Rome & the Vatican, and are wondering if there is anything we’d like them to bring back for us. Is there something like a sacramental or something that might be good to ask for that would be different from what they could get here?


Just tell 'em to say hi to Papa Benny :smiley: and see if they can’t bring back the Sistine Chapel Ceiling for me :wink:

The big thing would be to take a Rosary or some other sacramental and see if they can get it blessed there …


When my wife and I went to Rome last year, we had all of these big ideas of finding a special rosary there for people back home. In our opinion, Rome didn’t have a large selection of Rosaries. We did bring back some Holy Water from St. Peters for my mother. And we had some items blessed there and brought back.

On a side note make sure you tell them to visit the Boughese Gallery, it was one of our favorite museums, and we had never heard of it before we went.


Leather products from Italy are great:) …outside of getting religous items there…what oyu can get there most of the time if not lal of the time you can get here.


We did get some great leather bound diaries and if we had the budget they had some beautiful leather bound photo albums.


have them bring back linguine pesto from just about any restaurant in the city… and have them fill their bags with big blocks of Parmigiano-Reggiano and italian wines. when i come home after going to italy my bags smell like a pizza parlor.


Rosaries abound in all the shops near the Vatican. If they’re going to an audience w/ the Pope, they can get religious articles blessed.

The last time I was there I brought back olive oil and pasta from the duty free shop at the airport! —KCT


Have them write to the Vatican and see if they can get on the Scavi Tour. I took it this past summer with my pilgrimage group and it changed my perspective on everything - ok, maybe not everything but it sure deepened my love for our Holy Mother Church!

I purchased several rosaries for my family and had them blessed at the general audience.


They should definitely go to the Vatican Museums where they will see the Sistine Chapel among other wonderful art. Admission to the Vatican Museums is somewhat pricey (about $20, depending on the exchange rate) but well worth the cost. There are many Vatican Museum gift shops with good quality items–silk scarves, art reproductions, art books, jewelry, porcelain dishes, etc. The main avenue leading up to the Vatican (Via della Conciliazione) is lined with souvenir shops. They are mostly tourist traps but have decent enough stuff at standard prices. Lots of Rosaries and other religious items in those shops.


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