I'm a 15 year old trad. I have a problem 🙁

Perhaps read through the four Gospels. You might find that more comprehensible, more applicable to your life right now, more enjoyable and informative, and more engaging


A Hindu and a Catholic (even a lukewarm one) are “protestantized?” I think not.

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I think what he means is that they don’t believe in the sacraments in which case really only the mother would be protestantized.

There are a lot of but Catholics I’m Catholic but I don’t believe I need to go to Confession, I’m Catholic but I don’t believe Jesus is really present in the Eucharist, I’m Catholic but I don’t believe in Sunday obligation, I’m Catholic but I don’t believe in the Churches teachings on contraceptives and openess to life.

It’s more accurate to say lapsed or heterodox than Protestant but I guess in a roundabout way acting Protestant.


Maybe your parents are saying this because these things are making you scrupulous and causing depression? They could be right if something like this is the case, because it is true that you are still young and developing.

However, if you have joy in your life and this study brings you more joy and closeness with God, then keep on reading. Age has nothing to do with devoutness and love of God. God the Holy Spirit lights us on fire at different points in our life.

Do you actually mean this word?


Proselytize definition is - to induce someone to convert to one’s faith.

Because I don’t know what you mean by they are protestanized.

Slowly, but steadily add spiritual reading to your reading list. Don’t overdo but read good solid Catholic works. Just take it slow and ask when you have questions.

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I’d say…stop trying to tell your parents what to do. And that means what to pray, who to pray to, etc. It may be hard for you, but God knew what He was doing when he made them parents, and you, their Child.

Unless they expressly forbid it, go on reading the books that you feel are helping you. Don’t beg them to pray with you. Pray for them, silently. Have faith that God is hearing your prayers.

Wishing the best for you and your family. God Bless!

OP: Your parents have expressed to you that they don’t like you reading those particular books. To me (and I’m a parent six times over) that means you shouldn’t read them, regardless if your parents did or did not say, “I expressly forbid you to read them.” And you, in obedience as a Catholic teenager seeking to follow God’s law, should not read them.


These books are not necessary too complex for a 15 years old.
They are good spiritual books and only you could determine if you understand them and if they bring you to more holiness.
Reading them alone will not bring you to holiness, but to understand who somone may have a deeper spiritual life. Theory and action are different.

I think what your parents mean is something different than complexity. They may be afraid that you are becoming “too much spiritual” or “too much catholic” or “fanatic” etc. Being “hot” in spirituality is not always understant if you are less cold. Teenagers can be very hot because of their age.

you may ask them to explain more what they think if you are worrying and explain why you like to read these books.

With all the posts about obedience people seem to have forgotten that God comes before obedience to our earthly parents. Parents are not supposed to prevent their kids from being formed in the faith. Doing so is not actually something they have a legitimate authority to do.


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