I'm a Catholic!


Hey guys!

TODAY WAS THE BIG DAY!!! I am now part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church! :dancing:

I got confirmed Roman Catholic! :clapping:

Though I didn’t cry when recieving our Lord in the Eucharist! I was rather calm. I guess there must be a mystery to that…

My confirmation name was St. Clare!

But what a day!


Congratulations Paris, and welcome home!





:clapping: :clapping: :clapping:





May God bless you and keep you always close to his heart!


Congratulations, Paris:clapping:


Congratulations Paris! Welcome home! :blessyou:


Welcome Home, Claire!!!



Since technically I recieved my Lord for the first time properly just a week ago.

Let me tell you.

Its so much better the SECOND time. lol.


And welcome home Paris.

May the Lord bring you very close to His Heart and give you the grace to become a saint.

May you be protected from the devil and strong against temptations.

But, most of all, Paris, may you trust in the Lord in all things.

In Christ.


p.s Hope the day was all you expected it to be. I cant tell you how happy I am you have come home.

May the Lord be with you.


Yay, congrats! :smiley: :dancing:





:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:


Welcome Home!!!

I was at the basillica/tomb of St. Clare about a month ago in Assisi, Italy. Wow, what a beautiful church that is. You picked a great saint to follow.


Welcome home - now GET OUT and SERVE!!

God Bless,


Welcome Home!

There is no one more fitted for the Catholic Church.



Welcome, child of God! :smiley: Welcome to His House!:dancing:

Enter into the joy of Our Lord, and never depart from Him!:getholy:


God Bless You and Peace Be With You. I am so happy for you! I will get confirmed next year … so I am slightly jelous. JK. Again, it’s your first step on a long journey.




You GOTTA LOVE IT! :thumbsup: :clapping: :dancing: :bounce:

Congratulations and God bless!



:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Congratulations Paris & Welcome Home! :smiley:

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