I'm a Christian But I'm Totally Not

The latest satire from those wacky Lutherans


Wtf …


That was pretty good. For those who don’t get what they are responding to, it is a series of videos called “I’m a Christian But” campaign. It’s a bunch of millenials who claim to be Christian, and bash other Christians for several minutes, talk about how they are Christian but reject many Christian beliefs (usually related to sex), and not ONCE in the video even mention Jesus.

Well done.

I’m a Christian because I accept everybody. I accept liberals and I accept uh…other liberals…lol

Seems “totally” like more liberal humanist than Christian?

Lutheran Satire always delivers.

LOL…Best one yet.

Ha! I don’t know if I’d go that far – Horus still takes the cake for me!

I dunno–the “pedestal girl” puppet, when she puts her hand down to her ankle…I’m pretty sure I’m seeing a hairy leg there…funny touch.:smiley:

:bigyikes: I didn’t catch that the first time! Oh, that’s good.

Well done, Pastor Fiene, wherever you are.


**5 Most Cringeworthy Problems With BuzzFeed’s Viral ‘I’m Christian, But I’m Not’ Video **

BuzzFeed’s ‘I’m Christian, But I’m Not’ viral video accidentally updated the Pharisee’s ‘Thank God I’m not like other men’ prayer Jesus warned us about.

This weekend, BuzzFeed posted a video called “I’m Christian, But I’m Not…,” in which five women and one man said they were Christians but they weren’t, you know, like all the other men and women who are Christians. They cheerfully reminded God and others that they weren’t homophobic or closeminded, or uneducated, or judgmental, or placing themselves on pedestals. Featured respondents proudly announced they fasted twice a week were “queer” or “feminist!” or listened to Beyonce. One said she wished people knew that “Just because we prescribe [sic] to a faith that has some really terrible people in it doesn’t make all of us terrible,” followed by someone saying that “love is the most important thing.”

It was easily the most unintentionally hilarious, if shockingly bigoted, BuzzFeed video ever produced.

:confused: If he’s so smart, how come he’s not a Roman Catholic? :confused:

Because he’s smart enough to be a Confessional Lutheran? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you said it not me: he’s just smart enough to be a Confessional Lutheran. (But we can still hold out hope he will someday become a Roman Catholic. :thumbsup:)

Gotta love discussion forums, am I right? :slight_smile:

Absolutely spot on! :thumbsup:

Trevor for president. :thumbsup:

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