I'M a divorced catholic


When someone just walks out and leaves you and your children, goes to the divorce court and gets a divorce angainst your will and wishes what can you do. Have I done anything wrong.
I tried so hard to make things work but there was nothing I could do to stop her.
And now five years down the track if I was to get involved with someone we would be sining

I don’t think so.


I’m sorry your wife treated you like that.

Have you talked to your priest about the annulment process? Yes all marriages are assumed valid, but you should talk to your priest about the specifics of yours. He has helped many others in these matters he can help you as well.


I am very sorry for what your wife has done, sometimes people just don’t understand their commitments and the point of being blessed with a family through GOD, but all we can do is pray for them, pray a lot for them and for ourselves so that GOD can guide us through these difficult times and get us through. Give a call to your priest, he will help you as well. I know this may be too hard and painful for you, but if you speak with your priest maybe he can shine some light in the darkness and through GOD’s will guide you to the correct path. I know that all marriages are considered valid but if there is some reason for the priest and tribunal to consider some invalidity in your marriage maybe they can help you as well???..I am sorry you tried and she just gave up on ya, please hang in there and don’t lost hope! God bless and good luck!!!


I will pray for you on your anullment. I wish you luck.


I so understand your situation because I have undergone the same circumstances. I was abandoned by my husband and a divorce followed. In my extreme pain and darkness, I tried to restore my family and my esteem by remarrying before an annullment. I thought to myself, "It is more important that I restore “family” than for me to be a “Catholic”. I was victimized and I felt that someone owed this to me. However, what I was saying that my life was more important than my relationship with God. And I was trying to save others (children, my new husband) instead of turning to Christ in SAVING me! My pride was being hidden by my huge martyr complex!

However, years later I still suffered. And I had grown spiritual dead and complacent. Until one day, His love and mercy reached into my heart to let me know that He loved me. And He loves you, too. A love that no human being can imitate! And the amazing thing was that He still reached out to me after I rejected Him! That is how big His love is for us!

Now, I am working on an annullment to attempt to show Him how much I love him, too. And I want my life to be totally His, not mine.

Please know that the position that you have been put in in this life is God’s way to make a saint out of you and to bring you complete happiness. However, that can only happen through Christ.

God bless you. He loves you, the Church love you, and I love you, too! :slight_smile:
May He keep you close to His Sacred Heart,


Until you recieve an anulment, yes it is a sin to get involved with someone else. This is so very hard sometimes, but remember we are first called to the lord and serve our vacation the best we can. I hope you seek him and his love to fill the void your wife has left. This can be difficult when we each have a strong pull towards another, but we each of us have our own difficulties in our vocations. Take these desires to God through prayer. Perhaps get involved with the church/ministries.

May you be blessed with the peace that ONLY comes from Christ,



Surely there was a reason that your wife went through with the divorce. The reason could be on your end or hers or a little of both. It would be best to sit down and sort through all of those issues and possibilities and then have a conversation with your priest to determine whether or not it was likely that your marriage was valid to begin with. It’s best to do it now rather than wait until yoy find yourself wanting to be involved with someone. At least you will know where you stand.


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