I'm a little upset i need to vent


This may seem stupid but i just need somewhere to let my emotions go. So this year is the first year that my adopted sister is going to be going to Christmas. And i happed anticipated the day for the last three years that i would introduce my sister to all my family members. Well she had met a majority of my family except perhaps my cousins and aunt from pittsburg and a few other people and i wanted to be there to see their reactions to the news but i had missed it. One of my aunts had invited her over and my other aunt and my two cousins were there but I wasnt. I’m partly mad at myself, at her, not for her going over my aunts house but because it seems as if she is more interested in spending time with my extended family than me. I know that seems like jeolousy but i cant help it. I was so excited to introduce to everyone in my family now that has been taken away i feel :frowning: . Another thing that frustrates me is that i suggested to my mom that she stay at our house for a couple of months but my mom has protested her staying her incessantly. I just dont know what to do with these emotions i have.


Aw–it sounds like you have such great love for her, and that is why you are so emotional. Give any negative thoughts about it to God, and know that she doesn’t want to spend more time with others, than you–but is just responding to who wants to see her. The holidays can pull people in many directions. But, just make known that ‘hey, I want to spend time with you!’ (with a smile of course lol) And, then do just that…make your time with her very special–and those negative feelings will wash away. Have a merry Christmas with your sister!:slight_smile:


Thanks i think im partly mad at myself because i didnt take the initiative to go visit my Aunt on Christmas eve. However its kind of hard because my mom had to work that day and we only have one car because my other sister fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked the other one. I was also a little upset because i wanted Jill,my adopted sister, to move in but my mom refused. All well. Right now im fine, thanks for the advice.

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