I'm a nearly-30-year-old man getting confirmed. What do I wear?

Let’s not forget your wife… A suit (not a tux or gown) would be nice. Don’t forget to bring masks.

Cultural norms? Where were you from? Where shall you be?

I’ve got a dark blue suit, it’s basically the color of the AF dress blues (I thought it looked good and didn’t realize that it was almost the same color until I got home and my wife pointed it out haha) but the lapel has a little bit of a gloss to it. I wear it with brown leather boots and a red tie. Does that sound like a weird choice to anyone? Confirmation + first communion + convalidation of my marriage.

If you would normally wear that for dressy occasions it is perfectly OK to wear it to the completion of your sacraments of initiation and your marriage.


I think that sounds perfectly appropriate and by the way, thank you for your service to our country!
Best wishes and congratulations on joining the Church! I did that in 2008, and I’m so glad I did.

My opinion…this is a very special occasion and proper attire is a must! You will feel special…I am a woman, and men always look their best in a dark suit with a crisp white shirt and a nice silk tie. Oh, black polished shoes…this should match the elegant, conservative dress your wife will hopefully wear. A black suit can be used for many, many events in the future. I hope you and your wife will say a special prayer prior.
May God Bless the two of you!

Black suit, white shirt, and tie.
For your wife maybe a white or cream dress. Think wedding day, but down a notch.

@ [AdamP88]

Seriously, avoid black suits. They rarely look good. Navy blue and charcoal grey are the most versatile colors. Ask anyone who works with suits.

Yea…you are right…a nice dark grey would look nice!

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