Im a New Catholic! Thanks You all for your posts

So you and I probably attended the same school. :slight_smile:

Don’t know when this changed. I guess now even at the TLMs I see people chewing up the Host even before they arrive back in their pews. I know myself I hold the Host inside my mouth for as long as possible while I reflect on God’s Majesty.

Thank you! :tiphat:

And God bless you, too! (and your family!)

You need to consider the whole story. Early on the Eucharist was in many homes. This was due to the fact that persecutions were rampant and it was the only safe way for the early christians to celebrate Mass. There are still those areas of the world today where this is nec. The Church made the decision to take the Eucharist away from the people and only distribute it directly because of the fact that eventually misuse occured by having it in their homes. More precisely, there were misconceptions and rather than treat the disease the Church opted to treat the symptoms. Vatican ll reversed that. Jesus meant for the Eucharist to be a shared celebration. There is something personal about taking it by the hand between the communicant and the priest, deacon or Eucharistic Minister. By the tongue is just as well too. The point is that we share in the mystery of the transubstantiation and that we share in the celebration of what God has done for us in our behalf. It is a celebration of reverence and joy. It matters not how but rather that we celebrate it so long as we do so within acceptable guidelines of the Church. One needs to read Isaiah to remind oneself of what God thinks of sacrifices and offerings done out of ritualistic sake.

Could you please show me where in the Vatican II documents it says all this?

I always have taken the communion in the tongue, I don´t comprehend the theological fundament of the hand in this. And welcome to the Church Paige

I can’t tell you how much joy I got reading your post. I am so happy for you. Congradulations!

[quote=] I have not been exposed to the New Order Mass much although I have been a few times and do find it very disturbing some of the things I have witnessed there such as the “female” alter boys & the “greetings” But most disturbing to me the handeling of the Eucharist. I would be intrested in your opinions.

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Again, I am so very happy for you. Let us thank the good God for all that he has done for you and your new family. Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine.

God Bless,

Four Sacraments, all in one day? Wow, that must have been amazing :smiley:

Thank You for finding your FAITH.


What was - IS!

What is - WILL BE!

The only thing that appears to change is - as population increases in the WORLD - more RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS also INCREASE.

The word of JESUS CHRIST is written - committing us to abide by his written word. Those that cannot - find a reason to start
their own religion with less stringent interpretation of the written word - result - MORE RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS - and LESS
STRINGENT RULES - and if we look at it thru the eyes of truth - we can see what is happening without making any comment one way or another.


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