I'm a woman, what types of ministerial positions are there with someone with a MA in Theology?

Hi everyone,
I am close to completing my Master’s in Theological studies and I am wondering what types of jobs are out there for someone who is also a woman? My calling is definitely not into the religious life therefore I seriously question, what can I do with my degree?

All suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks SG

In my diocese we have many women with such degrees and I am studying for one myself. Here are some of the things that come to mind, based on my experiences.

Some are Parish Faith Formation director’s, both for children & adults.

Some have a ministry in a particular area- youth, young adult, seniors, jail ministry, etc.

Some are “pastoal associates” and assist the pastor in non-liturgical things such as visiting shut-ins & the elderly, wedding coordination, recruitment & training of liturgical ministers, and all the little, mundane things that need attention for the parish to run properly, freeing up the priest(s) do do the thing that only they can do, i.e be attentive to the sacramental & spiritually needs of their parishioners.

One I know who had a music background is now the Music Director of a large suburban parish.

A few have done Hospice training and now work for one of the many hospice service providers in my area. Here there is a requirement that must be met to be “hospice certified”. It’s a 2-semester course that counts as an elective towards the degree requirements.

Peace be with you on you journey and congratulations on getting your degree!
I only hope I finish mine before I am too old to use it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

My parish’s Director of Religious Education has a Master’s in Theology. You could also look into becoming a chaplain (not priest) at a hospital or hospice. Chaplains assist in prayer intentions and meeting with the patient and their families to assist them while they are ill and/or dying. There are not enough priests so quite a few establishments are looking for non-ordained chaplains.

You can do these as well:

Youth Minister at school or parish

Teach religion or theology at high schools and/or colleges

Work in a parish office or Catholic school office


If you are considering pursuing a PhD, a Master’s in Theology is a good jumping off point for law school and or medical school. :slight_smile:

That depends on what you call ministerial. :smiley: Most of the ministerial positions in the Church have nothing to do with particular educational backgrounds, for men or women. But there are plenty of jobs for those with degrees in Theology.

In our diocese, DRE’s should have MAs in Theology, so that’s where you find most of them. But there are departmental jobs in the diocese in offices such as Family Life, Youth and Adolecence, Religious Education, Evangelization and Social Justice.

Some dioceses have lay chaplains and lay spritual directors. Some diocese also have lay parish adminsistrators.

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I guess I am also wondering what types of paid positions are there available for people in my position?

If there are any Canadians, Quebecers out there, I would also be interested in hearing from you as well. I recently had a big door close and I’m questioning what I can do with my degree. In Quebec most faith based jobs are being cut which is a shame but Quebec currently has a very anti-religious government right now.

Please keep your comments and suggestions coming.



All of the positions I listed in my post are paid staff positions.

You can check your diocesan website for job postings.

Chaplaincy (though technically the Church only calls Priests “Chaplains”, it is the same work). Look up “Clinical Pastoral Education” of which at least 1 unit is usually required in addition to theological training.

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