I'm about to lose it...


It’s 24 days before my wedding, I’m moving in 18 days, my fiance and I haven’t found a house yet, I have to put all my stuff in a storage unit, I owe the Maryland Comptroller $703, I owe my reception site $1125 (about $500 more than we expected), my insurance company called today and told me they mistakenly issued me a check for $347 which I already used on credit card bills and I have to pay them back. After paying all these people my savings account will be kaput. Thank God for my family, friends, and fiance. I know if I need money or support they have my back. I’m just feeling a little hopeless and out of control right now. :frowning:

I really really really wish I hadn’t have gotten myself into this wedding. It’s costing way more than what we all expected. I feel so terrible because our parents are financing this. It’s only one day. It spiraled out of control before I even knew it. I guess I won’t know if it was worth it or not until the big day actually gets here.

Good news is that I am going to Puerto Rico in 26 days for my honeymoon. :slight_smile:

Please pray for me, I really really need them right now. :o


aw, I’ll pray for you! I also know that God will always provide us what we need. You didn’t frivilously waste your money…sometimes things can become overwhelming…a kind priest told me that once in Confession a few years ago. Rest assure that God will give you the insight, and the means to see it through. Happy matrimony to you!:slight_smile:


Take a deep breath… it will all be OK. Your wedding will be beautiful, so try to enjoy the day & your family and friends.


Focus on the marriage, not the wedding. God’s plans are always better than ours :slight_smile:

Everything that needs to be done, will get done. It has to. Keep thinking about Puerto Rico! —KCT


plan all u can before the wedding date… but on the wedding day enjoy urself… as that is the day you will remember for the rest of ur life… :slight_smile:


When you start getting overwhelmed, just think “Beach…Peace…Quiet…Mai Tai”! You’ll be great, and everything else will work itself out. God’s got your back. Can’t ask for much more!


If it were me I’d say that it was their mistake, and that I already spent it. When a company makes a mistake, and you complain don’t they usually cut their loses and just say “okay”?



If it were me I’d say that it was their mistake, and that I already spent it. When a company makes a mistake, and you complain don’t they usually cut their loses and just say “okay”?



As i tell my wife… "don’t worry about spending money… they just keep making more!"
in 20 years you won’t remember these incidentals. take a breath and feel your life right now. money comes and money goes. sometimes you have more, sometimes you have less.

but the next month of memories will last a lifetime.


Okay, I can’t quote everyone but thechrismyster had some good advise :smiley: .

Your Wedding will be well worth it all because we all know that this is just a small portion of what you and your future spouse see in this - you two see a Marriage, a lifetime together with one big celebration to start it all.

Now, take that deep breath, pray to Mother Mary, rest in the palm of God’s hand and know that all of us who have responded (and will respond) will be praying for you to relax and enjoy the day.

Brenda V.


1.) Breathe.
2.) Breathe some more (atta girl, in through the nose, out through the mouth, deeeeeeep breaths, sssssllllowly…).
3.) Say a prayer to the Blessed Mother and St. Matthew. Yes, St. Matthew. He was a tax collector. Who knows better than St. Matthew how to deal with the comptroller of Maryland in particular, and finances in general?

Now then, this is advice, only advice, and you are free to use it or reject it:

  • Write the insurance company a letter. Tell them they made the mistake issuing the check, and you wouldn’t know that it was a mistake until they told you. You might mention that they certainly did not expect you to save the check, hoping that they would recall it. Tell them you will pay them back in reasonable increments. You decide what is a “reasonable increment”. Tell them if they don’t like that idea, to please add the amount into your premium and it will then be broken into reasonable, monthly amounts, anyway. Tell them you are in the process of getting married, and you will not be dealing with this for 30 days. And yes- you can negotiate with an insurance company.
  • The comptroller will take payments. You are not the first person to owe him money you don’t have. He might charge interest on the remaining amount, but he will take payments. What do you consider a reasonable amount to pay the comptroller each month? Send the comptroller a letter; or better yet, trot to his web site individuals.marylandtaxes.com/taxforms/default.asp and send him an email, or see if there’s a particular form you need. Tell him you are in the process of changing your financial lifestyle through marriage, and you will get back to him in 30 days.
  • You will not be paying those bills before you start married life. Today is April 12. After you write your letters or email, do NOT even think about these bills until May 12. Tell your fiance and you two decide what money to use to pay them, but don’t think about them for 30 days.
  • You, your fiance and whoever is helping you finance the reception (if anybody- I don’t remember your particulars) work toward paying that reception site bill in the next 24 days, or when it is due.

There now. Think more about important stuff.


Thanks for all the encouraging words and advice. It means a lot.

There’s another thing I need you all to pray for…my ovulation! I am 4 days “late.” I usually ovulate on day 18 it’s now it’s day 22 and I don’t even have fertile mucus. Could this be related to stress? I also haven’t been eating as healthy as I normally do and my weight shot up 4 pounds since last week! What is going on???


yes … the ovulation is probably becos of stress… the period generally gets messed up becos of stress… please try to exercise… it is important to keep the stress down…

why r u surprised that ur weight is up when u have not been eating healthy??? isnt that how it is generally??? :rolleyes:


Don’t forget, your family and friends will give you money as a wedding present :thumbsup:


I was surprised because I do exercise regularly.


That’s true. How much it will be depends on them, but this could at least take care of the comptroller- maybe more.

And yes, you have stress, and yes, it will throw off your whole cycle. If anybody asks what they can do for you, ask them if they would mind making you a healthy meal.


I did make some really healthy chili for myself. Lots of beans, veggies, V8 juice. Hopefully that’ll make me feel better.


V8, hmmmmm…OK, let’s really add to Rose’s stress! Everybody out to Midway and fly to Maryland!!! Rose made chilli!!!:smiley: She will be charging $5 a bowl, proceeds to be used to pay the comptroller in 30 days (but not the goofy insurance company- it can wait).


Stress and stress eating :p. You might have an anovulatory cycle this month all due to…stress and stress eating (as in not eating well!) This all will contribute to the weight gain too.

BTW, your exercise is probably helping with the stress, there is just so much of it that you don’t seem to notice.

Sounds like you made a really good chili too. Enjoy it - enjoy some for me too as I am allergic to tomatoes and I really like them!

Brenda V.


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