"I'm adoctor, not a murderer"--signs doctors in Argentina held as legalized abortion there threatened. [But then the law didn't pass]


“How far are we willing to go to? Jail,” said Ernesto Beruti, chief of obstetrics at the Austral University Hospital. “Even if the law is passed, I’m not going to eliminate the life of a human being. The most important right is the right to live.”

Under the abortion law, which came close to being passed, doctors may have been prosecuted for refusing to perform abortion. This had been unclear.

(But a week ago, August 9, after one house of the legislature had voted in favor of legalizing abortion, the other house rejected it, ending this attempt by those favoring abortion [some of whom rioted in the streets after this failure.])


Argentina rejected the project to legalize abortion. Latin America resists.


The problem remains of the high numbers of women who seek illegal abortions there. Just as making drugs illegal did not eliminate addiction and loss of life due to overdose, just so the problem and temptation of abortion remains when civil law is against it. It is not as if we don’t care if people do these things, provided the things were illegal and the people who do them are civil criminals as well as committing a grave sin. They’re still human beings.

Doctors who say “I perform abortions, but I’m not a murderer” are part of the problem. A physician ought to protect life and help patients deal with their problems in healthy ways, not just “perform procedures” like a mechanic working to keep a factory running.


Yes. But a law that makes it legal is not law, it’s anti-lei. Bad consequences arise from this for the whole society (in North America became a real industry, the abortion industry). But the Argentines were smart, the pro-life campaign said “Let’s save both lives, mother and child.” Pro-life institutions exist, and they give all kinds of support for women who wish to abort, it is necessary for people of goodwill to help and endorse these institutions. …


Yes. The main thing is to refuse to believe that just making a sin illegal is all the Christian is bound to try to do to turn people away from it.


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