Im afraid of going to hell

So I haven’t done terrible things just petty things. I’m 14 so that can only take me so far. I have done a few things I regret (stolen, and even smoked weed) and that’s why I’m afraid to go to hell.

One thing I would like to note is whenever I get afraid to die or go to hell, I’ve had dreams of heaven. But there was one dream I fear. I died and I was going to be judged by God, I was really afraid. And so I guess all of this was leading to this question, what can I do to go to heaven?

Repent and believe in God’s mercy. “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Go to Mass and the Sacraments.


Thank you.


To be honest, I’ve had periods of time where I was terrified of dying and going to hell. I always found that going to Confession was especially helpful… a sacrament where you say what you’ve doe wrong and, if you’re truly repentant, are completely forgiven? Yes, please.


If you go to confession, repent truthfully and the priest gives you absolution you are forgiven. Point.

Be sure to make a good exam of conscience before your confession.


Nothing, really. Salvation is a gift.
“All” you have to do is cooperate with it.
Imagine the best present on your birthday. Something you can’t afford or get for yourself.
What is left for you to do?

Be grateful. (Eu-Charis- “gratitude”)
Be grateful. Open the gift. Share it. Take joy in it.

And don’t be afraid that you can’t pay it back, because you can’t pay it back, and the gift giver doesn’t want you to pay him back. He just wants you to be grateful and open the gift, without fear of hell.


I wasn’t really afraid of God himself but afraid of hell, Thank you.

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I edited to reflect that

Hello everyone. Interesting thread. I don’t afraid of it but it was interesting to read what other people think. Thanks :thinking:

Go to confession for those things. Develop a prayer life, chat to God as much as you can, like you would a good friend. You can also set aside some time for more formal prayer like mass, adoration and the rosary. Of course as you are young some of this is down to your parents to help you, but no one can stop you chatting to God and developing a friendship. Try to learn about your faith from reading the lives of saints and good catholic books. Follow the 10 commandments and love yourself and your neighbour. If you ask God to help you you have nothing to fear,God wants you to come to heaven and will help you. God bless

Keep your focus away from Hell… And learn what it means to have “Fear of the Lord” …

For That… Is the beginning of Wisdom

Get to know Jesus - to the best of your ability…

Prayerfully Read - the New Testament - beginning to end

AND? Learn to Obey God’s Command - Love One Another - in Action

And, in that manner - you’ll inherit Eternal Life


God is merciful… as long as you regret and ask for mercy from Him and try your best to not doing it again, He will forgive you…

also, forgive the others as you wanted to be forgiven…

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If a matter is petty then it is not grave, so a sin involving it could not be mortal sin. Are you unsure of the gravity? Best to ask a priest in that case.

A sin looks terrific before you fall into it, and then weighs you down after you have done it.

Remember that next time you are tempted.

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