I'm afraid the devil is trying to convert me in my dreams.

Not sure if this is the right place, I’m new. But after last night I’m willing to do anything. Last night I started a dream where I was just lying in bed, the my door handle to my room began to move and the door opened. I got up and closed the door and it continued to happen to the point I was forcing the door closed. What was on the other side overpowered me and I saw hooves, and I stumbled back and saw what appeared to be a Minotaur with a mask on. I then woke up. I soon fell back asleep and this time my tv went fuzzy and a man appeared and spoke to me saying he was the devil and spoke back but do not remember what I said. All I remember is praying to God. I was raised a Baptist but have a felt as connection to the Catholic Church even though I’ve never been to one. Do you know if God could be trying to tell me something? I’m really confused and scared.
Thank you.

I believe you should go to a Catholic Church then and speak with a priest about inquiring into the Church.

And until then, if you feel comfortable with it, I would ask St. Michael the Archangel to pray to God for your protection.

Good response

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