I'm an SSPX'er, ask me anything!


Just so everyone knows: I was born into an SSPX family. I feel a lot of Novus Ordo Catholics who become affiliated with the SSPX carry a lot of bitterness with them. (for me, I didn’t even know the Novus ordo EXISTED until I was like 13! lol) Feel free to ask me anything. I do my best to defend my position, but please understand I’m not a Cannon lawyer or a Theological expert. I was inspired by the “I’m Orthodox, ask me anything” topic to create this.

(And please try not to derail this thread into firestorm :wink:)


I’ll try to respond as soon as I’m available!


Pardon my ignorance but what is a SSPX’er?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Priests belonging to the SSPX disapprove of a lot of reforms made at the time of Vatican II, and they’ve got rather uneasy relations with Rome.


SSPX/FSSPX is a fraternity of priests, not a society.


Have you been to any Ordinary Form masses since finding out they exist ( :worried: )?

Do you feel like you must maintain a strict separation from the Roman Catholic Church or do you feel free to read, study, and attend if and when you desire to?

Since you don’t proclaim to be bitter, I’d imagine there isn’t much stopping you from exploring the source of the separation.


Now…that is ironic.


Is the TLM available where you live (with approval from the RC bishop?)

If so, would you consider reconciling with Rome? If not, why not?


How many people attending SSPX chapels are like you- either converted from non-Catholic faiths or born into an SSPX community, as opposed to have being born into a mainstream, diocesan Catholic family and moving to the SSPX?


That’s unfortunate–I need a good cannon lawyer for my product liability case against the Acme Corporation.


Respectfully. I wanted to know if the SSPX recognizes the Pope’s post Vatican 2 and secondly, I was wondering if the line of apostolic succession has been broken in relation to the Priestly Fraternity of the SSPX. I guess the answers to this might lead me to further questions.


Do you, or other attendees at your chapel, participate in any activities of your local diocese? Does your chapel discourage this?

I am thinking of things like diocesan prolife, home school support programs, or carefully selected “orthodox” events sponsored by parishes or the diocese, especially for families.


Yes, the SSPX recognizes the validity of the post-conciliar popes and rejects the sedevacantist thesis.

No, their episcopal ordinations are valid, as Rome recognizes. In addition, Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated them only for the use of the power of orders and not the power of jurisdiction (c. 129), so there is no rival hierarchy.


Do women have to wear dresses to church? And do they have to veil?


What do you think about the New Mass and what have you been taught about it?

And for V2?


" I’m an SSPX’er, ask me anything!"

What brings you to a non SSPX site?


Okay, I’m going go for the throat and ask if it’s sinful to go to a novus ordo mass


What makes you want to be an SSPXer rather than an FSSPer etc?


Maybe we should slow down on asking questions until OP can get a chance to answer a few? :slight_smile:


Yes, here’s one:

Why are you right and 99.9% of the rest of Catholics, including the Holy See, wrong?

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