I'm back


The sabbatical was really short…

I am going to try to be decent to everyone as well as about what people believe and cherish, and completely ignore people who won’t do the same for me.

A kind of Golden Rule turned sideways.

I am not sure how else to keep my sanity here in cyberlandia.


That was a fast sabattical… Welcome back… I like your Sideways Golden Rule… Hope I can do it too… Though I’m not sure coz I’m weak -hearted… But I’ll try it. Once Again, welcome back.


Did you go somewhere? kidding, glad to see you back. :thumbsup:


Glad to see you back steadfast. I may not agree with you all the time, but you are one of the more patient posters here.

A lone Raven


Welcome back, Steadfast. :slight_smile: We may not always agree but I thoroughly appreciate your posts (and I’ve learned a few things too.)


Welcome back! Admit it… we are hard to resist? :wink:


Good news


Welcome back Steadfast.

Are you considering joining the Catholic Church?


Welcome back. My last sabbatical was Moderator imposed…


welcome back , brother in Christ :thumbsup:


I just finished reading your other post, and am glad to see you return - when we have Christ in our minds, on our lips and in our hearts, we can not go wrong - when others DO go wrong (and everyone does eventually), this is where forgiveness and prayer come in.

Thanks for returning, we all need each other more than we realize.



:wave: :blessyou: :love: Welcome back!


Carol, I couldn’t stop laughing.

But Steadfast, welcome back. I’m glad of it.


Excellent choice. We can all learn from one another and I see no reason why we can’t all express feelings and ideas in a more civil tone. There are only a few instances in our discussions that are black and white. Many are shades of gray so we should not be so adamant and so definite about things that are only OPINIONS.
Just because we do not agree, it does not make the other party dumb, or a strawman, or any other of the invectives I have seen on this forum.


I don’t think I’ve seen “strawman” used as an insult here…?




It’s on other sites on the forum.


Have I told you lately, Steadfast, how much I love you?


WOW That was fast. I blinked my eyes and you were back:D

Im glad to see you back:thumbsup:


Ahahaha! I love a good sense of humour.

Welcome back Steady!

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