I'm completely downhearted and hopeless. I can't find my way


I failed the university entrance examination. Now I’m a jobless and useless man. I don’t want to become a feckless person to the society. All roads lead to Rome but I can’t find my own way. I know I’ve been asking for too many prayers, but please pray for me. I am ashamed when people keep on asking round about my failing the university entrance examination. Please pray for me! I just wish to have an enternal sleep.


I’m so thankful for your keeping me in your prayers.


Praying for you. Why not tell us a little more about yourself?


Thank you very much :heart_eyes:


Today I’ve just known the university admission results. I wasn’t admitted to the university I wished. In my country, if you aren’t admitted to the university, you will be humiliated.


What other paths to a job are there in your country, for those who don’t attend university? What sort of jobs are available? Are they something you could do?

Is there a chance to take the exam again, or do you only get one chance?

Is there a way for you to explore opportunities in another country?


First step would be spending less time on here. My excuse is semi-retirement and being in my sixtees.
take a hard physical job for a while. that might motivate you to think outside the square.


maybe there are jobs for me. But I planned to go to Japan for labor export. However, I don’t know whether my parents and I can contrive or not. I think I’m suitable for job relating to foreign language like English.


Your written English is very good, so it seems like that might be a good path forward for you.

Don’t lose heart. You may have to be more creative with your career path, but I’m sure there are still many things you can do even though you didn’t pass the University exam. Who knows, perhaps you could even go to a University later in life in another country, if you still wanted to attend.


Praying for you! :). Some of the world’s greatest successes are people who didn’t get what they hoped to the first or second (or more) time around. God may have a better plan for you. Still, I hear this is very hard.

Also, as was said earlier, there may be better opportunities in another country.


I’m so grateful


:heart_eyes: Words are powerless to express my gratitude. Please pray for me.


I am moved by your thoughts and actions. Please pray for me. May God bless you.


It is one bump in the road NOT the end of the road. There are others who are in the same boat as you or even worse off than you. DO NOT let satan get into your heart, mind or soul. he wants you to feel the way you are feeling but GOD doesn’t. God wants the very best for you. He loves you more than you love yourself and He knows you better than you know yourself. GET ON YOUR KNEES and ask Him what is His will for you and your life. ASK Mother Mary to intercede for you. Ask all the Holy Saints and Angels to guide you in doing God’s will. This is only one moment in your life not your whole life. Do not look back look forward and begin again, Today is a brand new day.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


God bless you. Things will get better.


I am much obliged for your advice.


Thank you very much.


Every blessing and grace to you. Our older son is struggling and has been for years. DO NOT give up hope. DO NOT lose Faith. This too shall pass.


May God have mercy upon you and your family.


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