Im confused about what an Apostolic Exhortation is?

Im only confused about one area and that is do we have to submit our will and intellect to it?
I was discussing this against a protestant fellow and he brought up an article that says that Pope John Paul 2 said that we must submit our will and intellect to it.

Can someone shed some further light on this
God bless :slight_smile:

Well if an Apostle of Jesus “exhorts” one to follow sound doctrines of the Church as handed down either through the deposit of faith or what Jesus taught them why would I not heed them?

from the Merrian-Webster online dictionary:

verb \ig-ˈzȯrt\

: to try to influence (someone) by words or advice : **to strongly urge (someone) to do something

Some doctrines require a lot of studying and pondering and even then, we might only achieve a partial understanding of them.
That’s why they are referred to as “Misteries of Faith”.
If I believe them is because I put my faith and trust on the word of Jesus and His Apostles.
Some aquiesence of the will is required, and it is fitting that it should be so.
God over and over in the Bible tells us that we are a “Stiff necked people”
We need to learn to humble submit sometimes, and ask God for the gift of wisdom to understand these misteries AND the gift of patience if we cannot fully grasp them, not to mention asking to redouble our dose of Humility in the meantime.

Thank you Jerry, If that is what the church expects of me that I will humble submit my will and intellect to it :). I just wanted to make sure that this is what i was supposed to do.
Thanks for clearing it up for me :slight_smile:

There are a number of different types of papal documents – encyclicals, exhortations, motu proprios, apostolic constitutions, etc. I don’t think it makes any difference to the average Catholic that one document falls into one category and another document falls into another. They’re all authoritative and they all guide the Church and her members.

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