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can anyone tell me the difference between the Catholic Religion and the Lutheran Religion. I am exploring different religions and I don’t understand the difference between the two. :confused:

I think one biggie is Lutherans don’t believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, but that it is only a symbol. Catholics believe it is the Real Presence. They don’t exactly say how it’s done, except that it is a mystery.

There are various ramifications that stem from this difference in belief.

Plus, Lutherans usually don’t have communion at every service, as I recall. Who knows better may chime in. (Maybe I’m thinking of some other Protestants I get them mixed up) Catholic Mass is centered around the Eucharist.


Lutheranism is a Protestant Christian denomination that broke from the Catholic Church during the 16th century, founded by Martin Luther. He had some legitimate concerns about abuses taking place in the Church at the time, but took it too far when he set out to change the Church’s theology on the Eucharist and the means of salvation.

Today Lutherans and Catholics are in dialog about their differences and are trying to see if it is only semantics that separate us on some issues, just as justification by faith.

Reunification of Lutherans back into the Catholic Church seems a dim hope, however, since they will not believe in transubstantiation or what is called the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist as understood by the Church Christ founded since it began in 33 AD, the Catholic Church.

Lutherans do believe in the Real Presence. They do not believe in transubstantiation, as do Catholics, but they still believe that the body and blood of Christ are present in the bread and wine.

As Protestants, Lutherans believe in sola scriptura, which is the idea that the Bible and only the Bible has authority as God’s word. Catholics believe that the Catholic Church has the authority to speak in God’s name.

Lutherans also believe the Protestant doctrine of sola fide, faith alone. That’s the idea that doing good works cannot contribute to your salvation, but salvation is received through abandoning hope in yourself and casting all your dependence on Christ. Once you have received salvation, good works follow as a product of your new heart and new life in Christ.

Also, many Lutheran groups have become very liberal and tolerate all kinds of heresy among their teachers, including the approval of homosexuality. The most conservative Lutherans are the Wisconsin and Missouri Synods.

[quote=Dawnie]can anyone tell me the difference between the Catholic Religion and the Lutheran Religion. I am exploring different religions and I don’t understand the difference between the two. :confused:


(1) Lutherans accept only two of the seven sacraments (baptism and eucharist). I think that according to the Catholic Church the Lutheran orders are not valid (and I don’t think the Lutherans value the Apostolic Succession anyway) and so their sacraments are not either.

(2) Lutherans believe “sola fide,” that we are justified by faith alone and not by works. There has been some dialogue between the two churches recently on this topic and I believe I read a statement that the differences between the two churches here was one of emphasis.

(3) Lutherans believe “sola scriptura,” that the Bible contains everything necessary for salvation. A result of this is the belief that the Catholic Tradition (with a capital T) does not have any authority. Also, the Lutheran Bible does not contain the Deuterocanonical books that are in the Catholic Bible.

I daresay there are more differences but these are the ones that come to mind right away.

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