Im converting to Islam


Fooled you :stuck_out_tongue:

But what would you say to someone that did say this too you?
How would you convince them to stay with the catholic religion?


Andrew Wommack states at his web site that repetitive prayer is useless. Criticizes the Catholic Church (indirectly) quoting on several bible verses that support his case.
You can download his MP3 teachings to your ipod so you can hear him. What is the Catholic Forums take on this?


Islam means to submit where catholic means all of us “universal”

What is the difference with all the religions like:
Buddhist, Taoism, Daoism, Hindu, Islam, Shinto
and other religions teach people don"t do bad

In Christianity, it teaches to do good. You can sit and watch tv for 24 hours non-stop and not do bad, but again you are not doing good.

Buddha, Allah, and other religions teach a good way of life yet the only person that claims to be God is Jesus. It is documented in books and in words. That says a lot.

quote=dolphinlove;2163628]Fooled you :stuck_out_tongue:

But what would you say to someone that did say this too you?
How would you convince them to stay with the catholic religion?


hola dolphinlove

a Catholic actually announced this not really to me but everybody in a webforum. i do not know this person but she was very kind to me in the past and i was so lonely from moving she felt like one of my only friends…

i told her if i had known i would have tried to pursuade her not to but she said she did not want anybody to and would not listen.

i did not know what to do beyond that… after that point she seemed to become colder, and before long she was said very awful things about the Church to insult me and the other Catholics… i forgave but did not forget. it was very shocking watching what happened to her when she died to Christ and remains a lasting image of islam for me.

apostates are lost but they do not realise it… it is not a strange thing though… sick people have all the symptoms of a disease but either do not know they have a disease or are unwilling to admit it to themselves.

they do not feel peace, they feel confused and unsure about everything… everything seems like it is relative or subjective. you can see it in the pessimistic way they talk about faith without tangible evidence. but because they make themselves want to believe in the course they have chosen, they pretend to be content… which i think makes them even less happy. it is a very creepy feeling for me to watch somebody pretend to be content and happy… i have only seen it in hospitals with my terminal patients and that connection is so striking to me…

but anyway other than this one experience i have never been in that situation before in my entire life… i did not even know what islam was before september 11. but i think now that i’ve had that experience if i ever met another Catholic who considered leaving the Church i would do everything i could to explain things to them and help them with whatever deception was causing this disbelief…

if i was a family member, God forbid, i would ask for help from the Church to intervene…

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I haven’t listened to his mp3, but he better reads Bible and find out for himself where some prayers were repeated many many times. So, it is not useless if you put your heart into the prayers.

To be honest, your mind sometimes wanders when praying with or without repeating. It ain’t easy to focus.


I have to say I have some difficulty with doing repetitive meaningless prayer
but then I would say that the Hail Mary isn’t a supplication but act of reverence
even though I don’t find it is something I do very much

fortunately I don’t know anyone converting to Islam
it all depends on their motives I guess
some people are endless “searchers” and flit from faith to faith
some women are required by their husbands-to-be to convert - well maybe required is too strong a word in some cases, but a lot of pressure is exerted
some people get a lot of pressure put on them in prison by other inmates (some prison chapels may be converted to mosques in the UK)


I would have to say look before you leap; it may look all glossy and nice ,but once you get into it and start to really understand it, it takes on a whole new picture.


Very sound advice - there’s so many times people join X Y or Z religion and the more difficult parts are not discussed until the person has been in the faith for a while.
I asked some really difficult questions both here and at RCIA so that I could be sure the Catholic Church was for me. I might have seemed difficult and reluctabt to some, but it’s what I needed.

Jedda, did the language thing prove a problem? What I mean is, were most of the sermons in Arabic or Urdu so that you relied on someone else’s translation? So that any tricky parts could be kept back in the early stages?


No, it was always In English, but they always used *Arabic words *in everyday English sentences so I would have to run and google the word so I know what they called me. :blush:


hola Jedda

i do not mean to interrupt your conversation but i wanted to ask a question about arabic and islam…

did you ever feel like culturally islam was not universal? like reading the quran and about their prophet and everything Islamic culture feels to me like arabic culture. maybe i would feel differently if i was raised as a muslim, but as a mexican Catholic the Church feels like it fits into my culture perfectly… i know greeks who feel the same about the eastern rite Churches and africans who feel the same about the ethiopic rite Church. but islam seems monolithically arabic to me… the way they talk, are encouraged to act, their prayer buildings, the way they dress seems like there is little to no room for other kinds of cultural expressions. did you feel that way as a muslim?



The key to Christianity is not ethics, it is atonement. Christ died as the substitute for man so that man’s sins might be forgiven.

Islam denies this and says that man’s sins may be forgiven without the atonement. Instead, Allah judges the heart and sees if the good outweighs the bad.

Christianity (and the religion of Israel before it) is distinct from all other religions. They are not just various paths to being good. In Christianity, God saves you because of Christ’s work. In all of the others, you try to save yourself.

(Good luck!)


I would say to them it is too bad you are choosing the path to destruction because the Jesus of Islam is NOT the Jesus of the Bible…


I would ask them if they are being pressured to convert or is this their free will and why are they converting?



maybe we could change the title of the thread? i am so embarassed to say but every time i see this thread i forget at first and get startled :eek:

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