I'm disappointed with God

I’m disappointed with faith.
I converted to Catholicism a few ago and a few years before that I converted to Christianity from agnosticism.
I felt at the time God was working in me, that he changed me and I thought he would always be with me.
I suffered a lot as a child and teenager growing up so I thought God was working in me to be a better person and I had a desire to help others and became a health care worker.
But then I got severely depressed. I’ve had failed relationships. I’ve been mostly unemployed and when I have worked I’ve been injured at work, bullied and suffered stress.

I’m now isolated, unhappy and poor and I feel God is not there at all.
It’s disappointing because I thought I could use my faith to help others yet I’m the one suffering and not a soul has helped me while I’m down. Not even God.
I believe in him but I think God just lets stuff happen and then we die and get judged, and I’m doubting my salvation now because I just feel the furthest from him.
I didn’t know it was going to be like this. I know saints suffered but they had strength and love from God. I have nothing.

Unfortunately, religion and being close to God doesn’t guarantee and easy life or even a happy life. It is when we persevere in our faith through hard times that we prove our worth. Plenty of Saints has Dark Nights of the Soul where they felt no spiritual solace.

Please, if you haven’t already, try and find a councillor or priest to talk to about how you are feeling - these are not things we should go through alone.

Praying for you.


I highly recommend you find a good Priest near you and work face to face …also any medical care needed.

Being a Christian does not mean one will not have various stresses and difficulties that effect how one feels. Such can have great effect on how one feels and various medical remedies may be in order etc.

Know that Jesus loves you and is yes with you even when you do not feel it etc. In him is true life indeed - even if there are various difficulties in this life (pilgrimage) here. Yes true life begins here - but its fullness is in heaven and in the new heavens and new earth- the Resurrection!

You noted that the Saints suffered but had the love of God an you have nothing -but actually it was not all rosy for them either - they too struggled - Saints too at times did not feel the love of God. And even experienced great suffering (see St. Mother Teresa!)

The lack of feeling is not the measure.

As Our Lady told St. Bernadette of Lourdes - ‘I promise you happiness not in this world, but in the other.’"

Struggle through - keep close to Jesus and his Church…and seek out personal Pastoral support. A living Priest near you…

I’m very sorry that you’re going through some pain, Rose. I want to tell you that God really does love you. It can be hard to trust in Him, because this world truly is a vale of tears. But in the midst of the pain, sometimes we can see Him. It is difficult to do so, because there are so many temptations to look away from Him, and only to look on the waves. But He is there, and if we quiet ourselves we can see Him. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to trust in Him.


Yet Jesus said that his yoke is easy. Or maybe it’s been mistranslated. Or he’s just like Pope Francis: he never quite means what he originally said. Or when Jesus says ‘‘easy’’ he means just the opposite. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. i also had a tough life, psychologically it’s been hell at times.

‘If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!’ Having established that i’m evil, from the horse’s mouth itself, I can say this much; I don’t even know your real name, but if it was up to me, i’d snatch you out of the pit of depression and misery before you could take your next breath. And I mean that wholeheartedly. Who is evil? Second question would be:Is God trustworthy? It’s best to have the key to our own freedom than having to ask God for it. He is said to be love, but I doubt it very much. Natascha Kampusch would probably agree.

I’ve struggled with feelings very similar to yours. Bring it up in confession- or with your spiritual director if you have one. Many times priests will offer some spiritual direction in confession, if you bring up issues like this. They have to be brief, but they can offer some insight, recommend a book or Biblical passage, etc. Also, if you have Catholic friends, hang out with them and tell them how you feel. I have a few friends like this, some that lean on me for help, some I lean on. Many times you can find mentors in your own parish, and many are glad to become mentors, and they’ve probably struggled with the exact same issues at times.

That passage had always left me baffled, too, because obviously Catholicism is not easy compared to protestantism (or non-belief, for that matter). But I read something just the other day that what He was comparing it to was the legalism of Judaism, which was so difficult to adhere to that it was considered impossible. With Christ, we have grace and forgiveness for when we fall. And the image of the yoke- typically you yoke two beasts side by side. So the yoke has us on the one side, but the other side has Christ- He helps us with our burdens.

I can truly empathize with your pain since I have been through
very similar circumstances for years. My heart goes out to you.

I do recommend, asking, seeking, and knocking for a Priest
or some other ‘elder’ to help you.

One thing that helped me greatly — always keeping in mind
that it stands to faith and reason that God is Compassionate & Benevolent.
He has perfect reasons for doing or allowing something.

Since, Jesus said ‘narrow and difficult’ is the road to life;
I think he is referring to God is not an ogre when He says
His Yoke is easy and burden light — especially compared
to what we end up without Him and His Merits.
Peace of Jesus,
my prayers are with you.

Pray a Rosary each day.

I’ll pray for you.
I feel what you’re going through, if you have a spiritual director, you should contact him, or try to talk to your pastor about these Faith issues. It can be very painful as you are trying so hard to grasp onto a relationship with God.

I know this is no consolation to hear … but I’m going to say it anyway … and I feel I can say it because I have gone through much suffering over the past 30 years of my life … an illness that forced me to stop working … and I loved my job … constant pain … further illnesses that have me going to the doctor constantly … surgery already had and more needed … along with the fact that in 2012 Superstorm Sandy destroyed my home.

I only told you that, because what I am going to say may not sound like consolation … but I know it to be true and it is how I have gotten through so many issues in my life, and even though I am not always faithful, in the end I always wind up coming back to God … and the main reason is that I know that all these sufferings are only here as a means for God to show me how much He loves me … and He loves me so much that He is allowing me to carry my own cross.

Now, as I said, I have not always been faithful … I have gone years where I walked away from God and payed no attention to Him … but Jesus never gave up on me … He still knocks on the door to my soul and wakes me up to the reality that He Lives with me every day … and that only by clinging to Him will all the suffering that I have gone through be worth it … and I will one day be able to see Him.

Take faith my fellow sufferer … God loves you so much that he is letting you carry the Cross … and Jesus wants you to cling to Him, so that one day you will see His glory.

God Bless You and I will pray for you.

Katherine, that was very beautiful. Thank you.


Go to www.larrycummins.ie

Read his two free downloadable ebooks,
They have prayers of deliverance at the back.(which were written by a Catholic priest from the USA who was in the deliverance ministry)

from Amazon.com the book “The Miracle Ship” by Brian O’ Hare,
Its about how to pray for miracles, a Catholic book, and it works, many testimonies of miraculous healing in the book! Based on a book by a Catholic priest in the healing ministry.

Also: “Unbound” by Neal Lozano, is a book.about how to pray successfully for deliverance.

The first thing is to repent, confession,
Change your thoughts, no more negative thoughts, only believe the positive,
And have 100% faith that God is going to bless your life powerfully, don’t doubt, don’t think negative thoughts, only believe this 100% and thank God in 100% faith whenever you feel like it.
This is the most powerful way to receive miracles if faith is blocking God’s work in your life.
God needs your faith to work miracles.
Jesus could do no great miracle in Nazareth because of their unbelief

Each day, for 10 mins minimum, be still and starting at the beginning of your life thank God for specific blessings, name each of these, enjoy the memories of each, and the different flashbacks,
The Bible says “God gives us joys, to balance our afflictions.” You have many blessings that other souls have never received, you just need to start counting them.

St Anthony of Padua said, when you thank God, he blesses you more :slight_smile:

God is the solution!!!’
Believe and be happy, trust and the miracles will pour down!’’’

Thank God in advance for what you need. :slight_smile:

Many saints did this, in 100% faith without doubting,

Eg: “Thank you God for finding me a job.”
Be specific :slight_smile:

If it’s Gods will to bless your faith, He will by answering you :slight_smile:

“Whatever you ask the Father in My Name and do not doubt that you will receive it, then you will receive it.”

With God and Christ I think it’s best to read the fine prints. The fine prints indicate how what has been just said is not what has been said. In other words, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s not true. Blue_Rose can therefore take comfort in how easy her yoke is compared to how it could have been had she been born more than 2016 years ago. Not sure how comforting that is, though. I know I’d feel cheated.

I pray it helps her a little.

As far as my writing it … the Holy Spirit wrote it … I take no credit when something I write is done well … all glory and honor goes to the Lord … when I write something stupid, that’s on me.

However, thank you for your kind words.

It says in Scripture that
“a live dog is better than a dead lion”
Ecc. 9:4
Now, I’m not saying that you are a dog,
but you are living a dog’s life!!
We who are “in Christ” are given AUTHORITY
to “trample on snakes and scorpions” aren’t we
Soooo, reclaim your authority over your situ. and
say “In the Name of Jesus, I speak meaningful-
ness, intimacy and virtuosity into this mess of
my life, God has promised to BLESS me and I
will NOT take defeat anymore!!” Say it out loud,
so satan and his minions can hear it too!!
I’ll say a decade of the Rosary for you!!

Yes, that’s what it seems is.

The precepts of God are clear and obvious, and the spirit behind them is even simpler - God is merciful and loving.

However, the enforcement of the laws by the Pharisees made it so much a burden for people to follow. Examples in the Gospel - the Sabbath where they rather one gets hungry and starve instead of just peeling the ears of the corn to eat; or the cleansing before meal and before worship.

Jesus’ rule is simple and would not weigh on us - thus the yoke, a heavy piece of tool placed on the shoulder of the oxen, and one which Jesus uses, is light.

Cannot believe anyone can write a header like that… Where is the humility we need?

Why blame God for things going awry?

He is the one Who helps you to bear what life and this world throws at you.



In all things,thank Him …

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