I'm done legitimizing Protestant heresy

I go every week to my wives evangelical church and I go to mass every week she never goes to mass. Today she said she was going target and the kids said they wanted to go to target instead of mass. So they didn’t go! I am done going to her church and will only be going to mass

You and your wife and family are in my prayers.


It is always a challenge in mixed-faith marriages. Many times everyone just stops going to church at all. I am very uncomfortable playing Ann Landers here, but maybe you should have a talk with her and let her know that it is very important to you that she joins you at Mass and even more important that your children attend Mass. My thought is that it would be better to keep attending her service and try and get her to Mass than to cause a greater divide that may continue to grow.

You are in my prayers as well.

THis is a very difficult situation. You all will be in my prayers.Could you talk to your priest?

I once had the same problen you have in that my now ex-wife did not but in a blue moon attend Mass with me. She always wanted me to attend her church which I only did for marrages and funerals. Because she would pester me about attending her church I asked my priest if that was ok. He said that while it was thing to go to her church for marrages and for funerrals, it was ok to attend her church services even if I attended Mass. As it has been said: one cannot serve two masters. All one can do is to pray for her to understand your need to attend Mass and also you might let her know how important it is for you and the children to attend Mass with you even if she does not want to go with you to Mass.

i am still learning this faith, but in mixed faith marriages recognized by the church through either marriage in the Catholic church or con-validation of a marriage, doesnt the non-catholic spouse have to promise to raise children in the faith? :confused:

Praying for you and your family…

Hail Mary…


“Today she said she was going target and the kids said they wanted to go to target instead of mass. So they didn’t go! I am done going to her church and will only be going to mass.”

Can you talk to your wife about gaming this out beforehand, so that you will have a pat, thought-out answer to them? She shouldn’t be leaving you open to attack from the kids like this, and particularly not to go shopping. How would she like it if when she wanted to take the family to her church, you said you wanted to go fishing, and lured the kids off with you? You guys need to remember you are on the same side and you need to not let your partner down.

If you are expecting the kids to go to both churches every Sunday (which is a pretty big thing to ask), perhaps you should spread it out between Saturday and Sunday?

Another related issue is whether or not your wife should have been going to Target at all on a Sunday. If it was milk or diapers or medicine or something vital, I understand, but there are 7 days in the week to buy everything else.

Yes to your answer! When I got married in the catholic Church, the priest asked me and my spouse to be if we are willing to raise the children in the Cathiloc faith which we said yes. I am not sure, but had we said no, I wonder if the priest would have been willing to marry us. I rather doubt it.

No. The catholic spouse has to make that promise, the non-catholic spouse is simply made aware of said promise.

You are the head of your household. Pray much, and tell your wife what you must do.

Thanks! I stand corrected. I was not sure if the spose who is not Catholic had to agree or the Catholic person. However would’t that cause problems in that if the non-Catholic does not agree to bring up the children as Catholic’s the priest might not want to marry them?

It’s funny, over the years I have noticed that Catholics are far more accommodating when it comes to this sort of thing, yet they maintain their Catholic faith and still attend mass, just like you have been doing. [My dad is a retired Priest so I got an overview of this kind of thing at the dinner table. ] I think this attitude is in the spirit of Jesus.

I can only speak for myself, but going to something other than maybe the Episcopal Church, like a Baptist Church, most definitely would have a deleterious effect on my emotional and spiritual health. I am being honest when I say it makes me nauseous to go to to such Churches. :highprayer:

While I have respect for our seperated brethern, far to often I have found that what they generally preach is not what Scripture teaches nor what the Catholic Church has taught since the beginniing. I remember once a in-law (cousin) went to Mass with me and she said that we Catholic’s read more Scripture at Mass than at any other church she had attended. While I doubt that she has since then converted to the Catholic faith, what she said seems true to me as I have not heard the same or more Scripture preached but I will say the telivangelists just like the rest of them seem to want to pick and choose what they want to use in order to get one to believe what they say is true.

I agree but it was not that simple for me long story short I didn’t finish my sacraments went to her church for 7 years then read the bible and said I have to be catholic, sat in mass for 18 months not receiving the Eucharist, then we got married in the church

The only thing then is to pray that all will work out for the good. God does answer prayers sometimes right away and sometimes it takes time and one must be patient as God’s time is not the same as our time.

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