I'm drawn to the Secular Order of the OCDS


I feel God is calling me to the Secular Order of the OCDS. At this point, my physical disabilities prevent me from observing all the Secular Order principles. I’m doing my best to observe as many as many of the rules that I can. Can anyone else share a similar experience?


Third Order Carmelite here (Ancient Order, not Discalced) from the Province covering your area. My best friend has a disability, actually a number of them, which affects her alertness and ability to keep up with the rather heavy prayer regimen we ask for. However, all requirements have the caveat, “according to your state in life.” One is not required to do the impossible, at least not in our Order. She cannot go to daily Mass, she cannot always keep up with all the liturgical hours of prayer, but she is still progressing just fine in her formation and has just been received into the Order.

My advice to you would be to consult an experienced member of the OCDS, particularly someone in formation, for information about how to progress from here.

Be at peace.


I know for a fact that the OCDS has an assigned position dealing with isolates. I discerned the OCDS myself, but they required more than the Dominicans. Dwell on Mount Carmel in your SOUL. The Flos Carmeli prayer is extremely powerful. I would recommend a novena to see what to do.

Mrs. Cloisters, OP
Lay Dominican


Dear Mary_Ellen and Mrs. Cloisters: God bless you for sharing your experience.
I will pursue the information you have given me.


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