I'm embarrassed to confess this sin


I don’t know exactly where to put this question since I’m still very new but i need an answer, I’m a 16 year old girl, who has all her life been Catholic, but it wasn’t until recent that my family got really involved into the church, and in all honesty i like it, it is fun and you bond with new people, but of course i also don’t like, however i digress this is not the problem.

Recently my family has gotten to know the preist at our church on a personal level and they can recognize me and my siblings, and already its a bit embarrassing to be around them since they know my sins. However there is one i have never confessed because i was to scared embarrassed and ashamed, i have watched pornography and i have masturabted, it was of course when i thought it was normal, the teen magazines said it was but still i kept doing it, I’ve stopped but i want to confess, but i don’t want to confess, it would be to embarrassng to tell anyone and i don’t know what to do


Get thee to confession post haste. Yes, it is embarrassing and shameful in addition to being sinful, but you are not alone and priests probably hear this confessed as much as anything. Be not afraid.

I’ll add you to my prayers.


If you are truly that embarrased, then go to another parish for Confession. Look up the nearest parishes near you, look at their bulletins and find the Confession time. Then go. The priest won’t know you and you can confess freely.

Don’t let embarassment hold you back.


The fact that you are embarrassed is good. Being remorseful is an important part too. Go to your priest and confess all you sins. I can say with certainty; you will not be the first to confess that sin. You are in my prayers.


And dont buy those magazines anymore. let them know with your money that you are not happy with what they told you.


Such a huge majority of people have been guilty at least of masturbation at one time or another, and plenty of watching porn as well, these would be two of the most commonly confessed sins. No priest will bat an eyelid at hearing them. Besides which you are confessing to Jesus - no good can come of letting embarrassment get in the way of getting yourself right with Him.

Think of it like going to the doctor. The only way to get well is to pluck up your courage and tell the doctor everything that is wrong, no matter how embarrassing for you.

Also consider the embarrassment as part of your penance for the sin - and use it as a motivation to not commit those sins again!


Do not be embarrassed to confess any of your sins to the priest. You are not going to tell him anything he probably has not heard before.


This one is always hard to confess, but as shameful as it is, it’s still pretty common. The priest won’t be shocked or anything. You will be so glad you did!

Perhaps find a way to word it that is honest and forthcoming yet comfortable.

I usually say something like…engaged in impure sexual acts…


It might help you to confess behind the screen instead of face to face. It is normal to worry about how we might be perceived by others, but that is not why the priest is there. I have heard quite often that many priest have difficulty even remembering the specifics they hear in the confessional later, a sort of grace to aid them in their ministry. Don’t let your embarrassment hold you back!




Not only confess, but be grateful you did not become seriously involved and addicted. It is a huge problem. That is why the Church is so wise and amazing in her teaching. She knows human nature. The world, including your “teen magazine” all tell young people and everyone else that pornography and masturbation are normal and even good! But, pornography is destroying men and women and families and masturbation helps keep people addicted to it by creating a powerful psychological addiction to the sexual pleasure from the connection between pornography and masturbation!

Welcome back to the Church! Dont be ashamed, just confess. And also always study why the Church teaches what she does, and just be grateful that you have avoided a very destructive behavior!

God bless!


You are describing one of the most common sins, something a confessor hears constantly. Priests are trained to forget confessions as soon as possible. If you don’t want to confess to your parish priest, find another one. Don’t let this interfere with your spiritual life and relationship with the Church.


As a physician who hears such “confessions” on a regular basis, and who knows several priests, I can assure you that though this may be embarrassing, they’ve heard it all before. Just tell them what happened without going into too much detail, e.g. “I read pornographic magazines and committed the sin of impurity with myself, X times.” There, I’ve said it for you. :smiley:


Many people worry about what the priest thinks of them when they tell him their sins. They imagine that in confessing their sins the priest sees them at their worst. Actually the very opposite is true. Everybody sins; however, only some sinners are moved to do penance. When you tell your sins to the priest and express your desire to repent, the priest sees you at your best. The priest sees you, not in your sinning, but in your repentance. (Catholic Update Guide to Confession)

It’s going to be alright. :hug1: What is it to confess sins if not humiliating? If it was not humiliating, you wouldn’t feel the need to confess in the first place.


Try going to a different parish where no one knows you to do your confession.

And remember: no matter what sin you’ve committed, there’s probably someone out there who’s done much, much worse.

You could be an an unrepentant idolater like me. :smiley:


Although you are embarassed you are obviously being called by the Holy Spirit to confess this! Jesus wants you to come and confess this to him. Don’t be afraid! You will feel so much better once you do.

The best way to confess this is to say “I’ve been impure with myself and viewed impure images (or movies)” If calling it masturbation and pornography are too embarassing. He will know exactly what you mean and won’t ask you questions.

God Bless you! Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and to Our Blessed Mother for her prayers.


The Catholics believe the world is a sinful place. Magazines, TV shows, movies, books, other people - everything can lead to temptation.

Even Jesus faced temptation all the time. If I was told that I was going to be killed at X time on X day - I’d run away. Most people would. I’m sure Jesus himself wanted too. But he didn’t.

The goal is to not let the temptation control you. Trying to shut out the normal, everyday world in a quest to avoid temptation is to let it control you.




You received many great replies here. I would just like to add that I work with teens in our Confirmation program and in youth ministry. Some young people have shared with me some of their struggles and they were very personal much like yours. I am not a priest and I never formed judgment nor have I ever thought that something was weird. I just know that I have also committed embarrassing sins just like yours and that God is forgiving. Do not be afraid to confess these sins. The priest, even if he knows you, will not form any judgment or think that what you’ve done is so wrong. You are seeking forgiveness and exhibit contrition. Like many said, your sins have been heard by every priest many many times. These are the types of sins that are common because we are at our weakest in this area. So, go to confession and even though you will be nervous know that the priest is not thinking anything ill of you. Just go and feel the peace that only Christ can give. God bless you and know that your courage to write this is highly commendable. Oh, and keep up the good work. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thats all? :confused: And you’ve stopped? :confused: :confused: :/. I can ASSURE you, priests hear much worse.

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