I'm engaged?

How do I know I am called to marriage? How do I know if the man I’m engaged to is the one the Lord picked for me?

He is an amazing man but I met him while I was grieving and not emotionally available. I still don’t quite feel emotionally available but he doesn’t seem to care. We never argue, we enjoy each other’s company. We are music ministers together.and both Cursillestas.

I have always had a very unique relationship with Jesus. He is my love. I do not want to jeopardize that. I entered a convent when I was 19. I longed for intimacy with Jesus and the world around me but I struggled with so much while I was there that they sent me home. I’ve always felt like my relationship with Jesus is “exclusive” but I have problems being in solitude. I become very self-centered and miserable. I have to have people around. Plus, I suffer PTSD and need a lot of comforts that religious life doesn’t permit. Often I need to be taken care of (which my fiance willingly gives me). I can’t always cope with even day to day work without suffering fatigue and focus issues.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone have any insight to offer me/

Engaged means you have a ring and a date and that you intend to get married and hae his kids. I’m not sure you really want to be engaged…

hae - that would be have his kids, not hate his kids;)

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