I'm failing at school


I lack an attention span and I’m so afraid of failing despite trying that I don’t really try much. I’ve tried in the past but that went nowhere, hence I’ve given up. What is the point of school anyway? All it ever did is teach me to loath myself because I feel intellectually and socially inadequate. I don’t know what I should do with my life and I feel like I have no options.


Just keep trying if you can,sometimes it can take quite a while to work out what we want to do in life and what our calling is MrP.Ill start praying things pick up for you.
God bless.


Take care of yourself: sleep, eating well, exercise, and prayer. It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to others. Find or search for the things you like and you will do good in them. Everyone’s path in life is different and it may take time to find it.



I know how you feel! I attended three different schools and had to quit because of my disability. Have you considered going to your school’s Dean for Special Needs Students for help? It’s their responsibility to provide you with any assistance. And you may want to think about getting counseling. I wish you well!


Don’t give up. Have you tried online courses or home schooling? Those will take some of the pressure off.


What shall I do?
I have these options;
Gardening tennis read tv forum

I pair them working through the list taking each one and working only right (except in an uneven list where on the last option you need to take the last option and go back one to complete all pairings.)
Choosing which of the pair you prefer score it 1 and 0 for the other

Gardening 1 tennis 0
Gardening 0 read 1
Gardening 0 tv 1
Gardening 0 forum 1

Tennis 1 read 0
Tennis 0 tv 1
Tennis 0 forum 1

Read 1 tv 0
Read 0 forum 1

Forum 0 tv 1

Gardening 1
Tennis 1
Read 2
Forum 3

On the forum I go!

(If there’s a flaw to this method please let me know, as I’m sure you will! :wink:)


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