I'm Feeling Hopeless


I’ve been struggling with suicidal thoughts and started out this day feeling better. But I’m back to sobbing again. I read and understand the way convert 99 feels. She expressed perfected what I can not. I’m tired of it all. All those psychiatric drugs don’t help… They’re like gettingt a chemical lobotomy. I don’t want to do anything but lay around. Even watching tv takes more effort than I’ve got. This morning I promised my husband I’d clean the kitchen. I just haven’t had the energy to move all day. I’ve just cried and crued and cried. I’m so worthless. I’m sorry I wrote. Sorry I bothered you.


Johannah… you haven’t bothered anyone… please, do not lose hope… we are here for you! I have been where you are, I reach those depths now and again, but my faith always brings me back. Please, go to Him in prayer, pray with all your heart… and even if you feel you can’t… know that we are praying for you…


Praying for you


Dearest Johannah,
If you were the only person for Jesus to die for, He still would have died for you. He took all the pain that ever was and all the pain that ever will be to Himself and it was so much that that perfect human body succumbed to it in just three hours. He took your pain so you do not have to feel it alone, so it is not worthless—but precious! I have physical pain and I understand, I wrote this about a year ago for my own physical pain, but it is just as meaningul for emotional pain. Dear heart please read it, and if you have no more strength but to utter one word–let it be “Jesus!”

here is my prayer—I will say it right now for you:

Consecration of Pain and Suffering

All my pain and suffering this day,
I give to Thee.
Count my pains as Yours.
Since You have already suffered for me,
allow me to share in Your suffering by adding my own.
Let not my pain be wasted.
Let not my tears be useless.
As Your Holy Blood courses thru my frail human veins,
Let me feel Your Agony and not just my own.
Accept my pain and suffering as a Gift
and do not let me live with it in vain.

If You so choose to relieve me and alleviate my pain and suffering,
then give me the Grace to understand that You have
accepted my Gift and Granted me Thy Peace in return.
Help me to let go of my attachment to my suffering and
to disown my pain as mine.
If you so choose to heal me, please
Dear God, make me grateful.
If you do not choose to heal me, please
Dear God, make me worthy.



You haven’t bothered me or anyone. We are here for you! :grouphug:

You are assured my prayers. I understand you completely and you can private message me anytime about what you are going through or if you just need someone to talk to keep the bad thoughts away. :console:

Now…housekeeping is not your number one priority here. :nope: Getting and keeping you well is! :yup: If you saw my house right now…you’d probably finally have a reason to laugh in the midst of your pain and sorrow. But, seriously, don’t let it get you down. You are doing what you need to do.

Prayers your way, my friend, and don’t hesitate to PM me if you need to talk further! :wink:


Praying for you tonight Johannah. {{{hugs}}}

Does your husband understand how serious your situation is or is there someone you can call tonight? I went through a bout of depression when I was younger, and I think being alone with my thoughts was never a good thing.

Just remember that, even if you don’t realize it, other people love you and the world would be a sadder place without you. We are often our own worse critic, and I guarantee that you are not worthless!


`You are not ‘hopeless’. You are someone that God gave life to. He needs you to do something. Look and see if you can find out what He needs you to do. Thank you for giving me another wonderful reason to pray today. You are great:extrahappy:


Prayers my sister in Christ,

You are a child of God, created wonderfully and knitted in the womb wonderfully

Your life is of the utmost value to God, who loves you so much he gave his only Begotton Son so those who had no life before would have eternal life.

You are a part of the Body of Christ and if one member of the body suffers, the entire body suffers with you in Christ.

You are not alone, not ever.

Ask Him now to be with you, in prayer. Unite your sufferings with Christ and ask him to carry you now, that this burden is far too heavy for you to carry alone.

Many times we think like Martha or Mary. We need to know what is truly important in this life to understand how to take each and every step along the way.

You will be in my prayers dear sister. We are a body, a community sharing in the belief of His passion and glorious ressurection for the sake of those who believe and trust in Him

Theotokos, hold your daughter close and give her the comfort you have which is your Son Christ Jesus



You aren’t worthless!!! :hug3:

I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight!



I am praying for you. Please ask God for help, he is listening and we are here also. Keep your head up things, will get better. :console:


God Bless,




Dear johannahw,

The Lord is close to the broken hearted. It will be an honor and a privilege to pray for you, because you are my Sister in Christ. May God send many blessings upon you.

~~ the phoenix


Praying for you hon. Is there someone near you that you can talk to? A family member, friend, etc?


Praying for you hon. Is there someone near you that you can talk to? A family member, friend, etc?


Hi Everyone. I’ve been talking to convert 99 an d she’s been trying to help me along. My husband will be home in just a little over an hour and is concerned about me. He is not mad about the messy kitchen. Not to mention the rest of the apartment. I’ll write again tomorrow.
Thank you for all your prayers. Let’s hopes God relieves some of my suffering so I can sleep toight. My husband has tomorrow off.


Praying for you hon. Is there someone near you that you can talk to? A family member, friend, etc?



I don’t know what to tell you that anyone here hasn’t told you already, but maybe a therapist will help (?). In any case, God does love you (and all of us) despite your (our) many faults & the many sins that you (we) have commited against him. Please do not do anything rash (i.e. commit suicide).

And I will say a prayer for you.



I am SO glad for this. Glad you will not be alone tomarrow. And for the other days…you always have us! :thumbsup:


We’re all there for you in spirit. You’re not bothering anyone of us, and you’re not hopeless. I’m praying for you. :gopray2:


I am praying for your intentions.


Still here for you! You can count on me! :thumbsup:


We love you Johannah! :grouphug:

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