I'm Friends with a Non-Catholic

So freshman year of high school I became frienda with a girl who I would have never thought would be my friend. Now in my sophemore year, I have gotten to know the girl better. She is not a Catholic like I am, she is a Christian, and I respect that. But lately she has been insulting my faith. She invited me to her house but I told her I had to attend Catechism and I couldn’t miss it. She then asked me, “What is catechism?” I answered her question and then she replied with, " That is so stupid!" I felt crestfallen but didn’t tell her anything. She also replies with that when I explain something about the religion I am in to her; she asked me first so I had reason to tell her about that topic.

What do I do? And are all Christians/Non-Catholics so arrogant of other religions? (She is not the first one to turn down Catholicism, my middle school principal said that Christianity was better than Catholicism. )

She also insults some of my other beliefs and qualities.

IM guessing you meant CCD?
Many denominations have religious ed for their youth who are in the first couple of years of high school. It’s common for youth of other denominations to be confirmed at this age.

Perhaps you can just tell her that. Perhaps her particular denominaiton doesnt do that but many do.

It’s not unusal.

That aside, if she continues to disrespect your religious beliefs, then she is not a friend. Sincere friendship is grounded in respect and love. Insults are not part of a real friendship.

Something for you to think about


Im a bit confused. In an older post you mentioned you were going to be confirmed this past April. Were you? If so, you are still attending CCD classes?

Can you explain your diocese’s path to confirmation?

I will get back to the original question eventually but please please do not act like we are not Christians we are the original Christians obviously all Christians don’t treat Catholics like that since the majority of Christians are Catholics. I know what you mean and not all non Catholic Christians act like that here in the South you have a bit of a mixed bag when I say South I mean southern United States I have non-catholic friends sometimes Baptist that have no problem seeing me as a fellow Christian. On the other hand I also know former Catholics that think I’m going to hell so there’s that too

Formation in the faith continues into adulthood. Thank goodness he’s still attending his classes.

To the OP:
If she’s ridiculing your faith, she’s no friend. Mention to her that friends respect each other’s faith.

CCD (Catechism class) is not supposed to stop with Confirmation. The last Confirmation I was at, the bishop said (not an exact quote, but close), “So, all of you parents who promised that your children could stop attending CCD after they were confirmed, I hereby absolve you of that promise. Learning about the faith is a life-long process, and cannot be finished by the age of 13.”

CCD here goes through the end of high school, although I admit that the classes get significantly smaller as the kids approach graduation. But to me, it sounds weird to assume that the fact that someone has been confirmed means they wouldn’t still be in CCD.

To the OP, as another poster pointed out, Catholics are the original Christians. There isn’t much you can do about a principal who makes such a bigoted statement, but please never say tht someone is a Christian instead of being a Catholic. Someone is Protestant or Orthodox or something else instead of being Catholic. Catholicism is Christian. (Most) Protestantism is also Christian. Orthodoxy is Christian.

Protestants are like Catholics in that some of them are nice, and some of them aren’t. It doesn’t matter what her religion is, your friend is very mean to say your religious practice is stupid. Someone who would say bad things about your religion is not a friend. I have very good Protestant friends, and have had them for many years. I do not say that their beliefs are stupid and they do not say mine are. That is not friendship. I disagree with my friends about religion, but we always treat each other with respect.

I think you should ask your friend to treat you and your beliefs with respect, and if she refuses, stop being friends with her.


No, not all non-Catholic Christians are like this. My closest friends are Protestants who respect my faith.

That said, there are many Protestants who do not respect Catholicism at all. And I encoutnered many such people at University. Friendship with such people is naturally very difficult. Friendship always is difficult when there is a lack of respect.

I suggest you tell her how you feel and ask if she is capable of respecting your faith or at least agreeing not to vocalise her thoughts to you. If her comments continue, the friendship will naturally die - there is really nothing that can stop that.

(Thanks to Clare and Jen. In my diocese, once the youth are confirmed, that ends their CCD classes. )

It’s nice to hear that classes for other dioceses continue. They don’t in my area.

that’s really sad to hear. I fell for you. When older Catholics complain that the kids don’t know their faith…but no one wants to help educate them? that’s really sad for future generations. We should be investing our best catechists in the teens at this critical time of the formation of their conscience, and guide their decisions.
I’ll join you in prayer for our youth! God Bless!

You can stop being friends or just take it in stride and tease her back. Tell her that if she ever becomes as holy as you are, then she might understand these things one day.

A true friend does not insult your beliefs and qualities. Maybe it is time to take a good, second look at this friendship and decide if she is really someone you want to hang around with be a part of your life.


Thank you!!.. :slight_smile:

I recommend you give her a book, such as, Born Fundamentalist Born Again Catholic, by David Currie. Or Rome Sweet Home, by Scott Hahn. Or Crossing the Tiber, by Stephen Ray. they are former Protestants who became Catholic. Challenge her to find out what Catholics really believe and the scripture evidence for those beliefs.

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