Im from Australia but have not had much success with nuns here

I want to join an order of nuns preferably Contemplative but due to the fact that I have a mental health condition I was diagnosed with, although no longer suffer from, and Im on medication many orders in Australia have not even bothered replying to me or simply have just denied me.What should I do, I have however had an order Daughters of Charity say they will consider me to join in a few years after much discernment and preparation, although they are more so an active order and the youngest Sister is 44 and im 26. they also have not had someone join in 10 years in Australia and where I live , Melbourne only 4 of the Sisters live… I dont know what to do, maybe I should go for it and enjoy the process I dont know.

Keep doing what you"re doing.pray and when 3 years aare up reapply.

i would advice you to persevere in what your doing. age is no barrier for our Lord. he calls the youngest and weakest to do great things to build his kingdom here on earth. do not get discouraged by all that is happening. it is just to test your faith.
be blessed.

Apply to orders outside of Australia. Is this an option?


I have the same problem (albiet from male perspective), I suffer from a mild strain of Aspergers syndrome (so mild that I managed to survive 13 years of public school education, graduated from collage and held a job between high school and collage) and yet a good contemplative order in the states wouldn’t even let me visit because of that (and the the fact that my parents have divorced).

yes prayer constantly is good. I have officially decided that is the path I want to take. I even said to God, “Ok Ill do it”. I really feel this is what he wants for me. :smiley:
Oh and I have been messaging Orders in The US

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