I'm getting a vasectomy :)

Hi all,

I’ve been reading quite a bit on contraception here lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way for me to stop at three kids is to have a vasectomy. Following this I’ll just go to confession and confess the sin. It’s like the ultimate Catholic loop-hole.

Has anyone else done this?



I’m sorry, but you have got to be kidding!!! Do you really think you will be truly sorry? And if you are not truly repentant, you’re not forgiven! Before I go off completely, remember that the Our Father says “thy will be done”. Instead, you want to be a Frank Sinatra Catholic and do it your way.

What you describe above is not the correct attitude. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is not a vending machine.

It would be good if you speak to a holy priest and be encouraged to follow the Lord’s way. With His grace all things are possible, and then you have His true peace.

I’m sure you’re not the first to deviate such a “clever” plan with the Catholic “loop-hole”
It’s just what some might consider “clever” others consider ignorant and down right stupid.

I believe you are really on the wrong track here my friend…think about what you are saying. I’m going to plan ahead to do something which is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Church and then just plan to go and confess it. where is the contrition. it really doesn’t work like that. I respectfully suggest that you speak w/ someone about the rhythm method…I’m not joking about this. there are natural ways to plan one’s family, trust me, I know…but please forget about your plan…something tells me your smarter than that.

It doesn’t work that way. Seek His light and truth. Follow His will. Discuss it with your priest. Try NFP. Trust God. Prayers for you and your family…

Only an ignorant, foolish ‘catholic’ would ever even think of doing such a thing! On top of everything else, you will be committing the sin of presumption!!. You really need to talk to a priest! God Bless. Memaw

You mean to be Blasphemic agianst The Holy Spirit?!
Its not recommended and if you are to get the vasectomy done please dont insult the Holy Church and the limited time of the priest with your nonsence confession until you are truely sorry for you actions.


Ok ok perhaps the loophole comment was a bit provocative, but to be honest that’s how I feel about it. I’ve got three kids already and this really is the best way to go about it.

As far as not being really sorry you have it completely wrong. I know what I’m doing is wrong in the eyes of god and the church and I feel sorry about it. I’ll continue to feel sorry for it but I’m still going to have it done.




It’s sad this person doesn’t get the meaning of confession


If you feel sorry about it, why do you do it? I don’t think you feel sorry enough, I’m sorry to tell you. If you feel you don’t want anymore children, maybe because of the financial issues, the only legal Catholic way to do this, will be NFP. Natural Family Planning. With this, there is no need for putting articial contraceptives in/on your body. NFP is doing abstinence, done in the period of your wife ovulating.

Brother, I am not a priest, but what you are proposing to do sounds like a mortal sin. You don’t even have the excuse of passion of the moment or alcohol. Your sin is as premeditated as it can be, and you know it’s a serious sin. But, as you say, you’re going to do it anyway.

Pray for an increase in faith. God has a plan for your life, and this is not it.

I do know the meaning of confession and I will confess this sin as well as the sin of presumption (among many others). Like I said I feel really bad for what I’m going to do but it is what it is. I admire families who have many children and I have no doubt there is a special place for them in heaven but 3 is enough for me.

God bless,


Hello OldNew.

I am amazed at your choices and am wondering if you plan on giving up the Eucharist for the surgery or if you expect to be absolved of it week after week to receive or if you only plan on Confessing it once. I know you’re telling us you’re very informed and have made up your mind about this and that it seems the right solution for your particular dilemma, but I’m curious about how this knowledge effects your Mass attendance and what your wife says about your decision. Can you help us understand better the thoughts behind all this? It would help.


Why are you here then? To get permission? Not gonna happen.

Thanks for not calling me a troll. My understanding is once I have confessed I am fine to receive the Eucharist from then on and I don’t have to get the procedure reversed. As for my wife she is religious but not Catholic and has no issues with contraception in general.

The problem with this is that confession is not a “get out of jail free card.” If you’re not actually contrite, then the confession is worthless.

Tbh I have no idea. For support, to be talked out of it, create debate who knows. I’ve had second thoughts but I keep coming to the same conclusion which is that this is the best for me.

I really don’t want to have another kid and for there to be complications (I’m not old but not young). Yes I’m aware that’s selfish but as I said, I am what I am.

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