I'm getting old


Today, we had a good-bye lunch for one of my colleagues. She is retiring after bing with the company for 21 years. Today is her last day.

I am sitting around the table
with people I have been working with for a long time. I have worked for this company for about 13 years. Many of the same people I work with when I started are still there.

So here is a conversation.

Tina is the collegue that is leaving, Kim and Robb are other men in my department.

Tina: “Hey, did you hear Kim is going to walk the marathon route this year? Kim, what made you do this?”

Kim: “My doctor made me sign up for a ‘Get Fit’ program. He said if I didn’t strt doing serious exercise, I would have to start taking insulin for my late-onset diabetes.”


Tina: “Robb, you went bike riding in the San Juan Islands (Puget Sound)! 30 miles a day! That is really impressive. When did you start riding a bike?”

Robb: “Well my doctor told me I really needed to excercise more or I would have to take more medicine for high blood pressure.”


Tina: “So Richard, what are your plans this summer?”

Me: “Lay in bed and take narcotics. I am having knee surgery for the 5th time in July and will be laid up for a while afterwards.”

Of the people speaking, all our children are either in college, graduating this year or are older.

My son graduates from college in in two weeks and will move cross coutry to continue his studies.

All of us there at lunch today have gray or salt-and-pepper hair.

I am the only one with a living parent, and my mom is 83.

Today, I feel old. :yup:


It’s all in your head. I am only 5 years younger than you and I have no problem keeping up with a very active 5 year old (plus 3 other’s ranging in age to almost 17) and work full time, +++. I have no health problems and feel like I did in my 20’s. Age is all in your perception, so stop feeling old.


We’re all getting older,but think of the alternative!

FWIW, I know for a fact,that “they” are only putting 22 hours in each day and 28 days in each month :wink:


I do hope you gave a dramatic (or would it be pregnant?) pause after you said, “Lay in bed and take narcotics”…you know, just to see the eyebrows go up. :slight_smile:


I am too young to be this old.
I feel old when the younger women at work talk about everything they have to do with and for their kids and family when they get home. Talked to all 3 daughters this week, who are all coping with jobs, kids, husbands and the usual, and if I had to live that all over again I wouldn’t last out the week. In fact, spending a week in any of these homes with the grandchildren is enough to put me on the couch with narcotics to recover.

I thought aging would be gradual and graceful, I did not realize it would come virtually overnight, and I would wake up one morning with damage to every joint, organ and bodily system.


I have heard it said that there are three signs to tell when you are getting old.

The first is when you stop borrowing money from your parents and start lending it to your children.

The second is when you hurt yourself while sleeping.

For the life of me, I cannot remember the third.


Yep, its that third one thats the real bummer. (is that word still used? bummer?)


I was thinking it might be a sign that I am getting old now that my daughter no longer listens to my music, I listen to hers.

I don’t know, I want to say I refuse to get old, but then again, I don’t want to be one of those clueless women who just doesn’t get it that she’s not such a young one anymore, kwim? Somewhere I know that there is a balance and I guess that is what I am looking for.


We have a saying on our family: Getting old is good, when you consider the alternative.:wink:


Reading your post made me think you’re at least 60.:smiley:
I don’t know if you do any sports and/or eat healthy. I’m pretty active and feel as fit as an 18 year old. Ok, I’m younger than you but every time I don’t get to work out for a couple of months(for various reasons) I feel and look much older.
I know young people in their 20s who are already aching and puffing when they walk up the stairs and I know people in their 70s who swim laps like they’re competing for the Olympics.

Work out and eat clean. You’ll be amazed how young you feel and look;)


I knew I was getting old when I looked in the mirror one morning and saw my mother. MOM, GET OUT OF HERE! Oops, Mom’s been dead for 20+ years. Oh dear…

In my head I’m still 24 but my knees, ankles and other joints tell me I’m about 90 (they lie by 46 years).

Saturday I spent the day geocaching: climbing steep hills, clambering through brush, and crawling under stairs and boardwalks. I found 13! Today my back is killing me and I’ve got a muscle just above my left hip that I never knew was there until now. :smiley:


i’m only in my late 20’s, and while logic tells me that i’m not getting old… i’m feeling old! i’m getting a streak of gray hair,:eek: arthritis, have to go to a chiropractor 2-3 times a week:shrug: was formally introduced to gallstones, and my oldest child can now lift me up off the ground:confused: also, i’m apparently not “cool” anymore, especially not my music interests, NOT COOL. lol this is the “oldest” i’ve ever felt. and to teenagers, i’m practically geriatric.:mad:

so… “old” must be relative…


I don’t think of myself as getting “old” just mature. I work with 3 other therapists. 2 are young enough to be my children, the third is about the same age as my younger sister, and I can work circles around them most days. If they have to work on a weekend, they are tired and take extra days off during the week. Love them all dearly, but sometimes I want to ask if they want cheese and crackers with their whine.
My youngest is graduating from college in June and then is off to the Peace Corp in the fall and I assume I won’t be sending money quite so often! DS is self supporting. So finally maybe some extra cash for me, finally!
I’ve heard it said…“Any day above ground is better than a day below!”


Unless you’re a miner.:smiley:

I just realized that in a previous post I made myself 10 years younger than I really am (54).


Feeling old…hmmm…I’ll be sixty this year:eek: One thing I know for sure is that I’m getting “uncooler” by the second and more and more irrelevant.


It’s all relative. Compared to my almost-88-year-old father, I’m a kid. Compared to the young’uns at work who have parents younger than I, I’m older than dirt. That’s why they call it middle age. :shrug:


We just attended a party for our neighbor who turned 90. She still lives alone, walks without a cane, and since her cataract surgery doesn’t wear glasses. The lady is amazing…is a regular volunteer with several organizations in our parish and over a 100 people attended, half her peers. I want what she’s got…and the secret is to keep going every day doing things for others. God is good…all the time!:thumbsup:

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